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    It's a 60s or 70s song, it was a black singer and these are the lyrics. A net search was useless. "KEEP ON - KEEP ON DOING WHATEVER IT IS YOU'RE DOING TO ME"
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    What do you think?

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    This looks a bit strange to me (pic 3) or are Korean Tele's like this?
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    What do you think?
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    SQUIER TUNERS ON MIM TELE These look like cheap tuners to me. Were these used on MIM Teles? PIC 5.
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    Best value squier

    I just bought one of these and wow it is good, not a twanger but what a great guitar for the price :shock:
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    Errr what does it stand for :?:
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    Can anyone identify this intro

    I dont know how to embed from youtube but it would be great if someone can identify this music if not im sure you will enjoy it :grin:
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    Does anyone recall

    A TV show in the nineties broadcast on BBC called New West, it was a country rock show and featured the likes of Chris Hillman and the Desert Rose band. I would love to know if anyone can recall the intro to this show which featured a classic tele sound and a great riff which im sure is a...
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    What is special about this tele

    It seems a lot of money :shock:
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    Does this tele look a funny shape?

    Looks a bit odd to me.
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    Ebay is bad news

    I purchased a guitar on evil bay, the pics looked good except for one which showed a minor flaw which I saw as fairly insignificant. When the guitar arrived the "minor flaw" was not as minor as the ebay pics showed and I was disappointed to have bought something that was not what it seemed...
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    Japanese squier tele

    Hi I have a Japanese Squier Tele that I am considering putting on evil bay. Does anyone know its value, it has no dings but a couple of minor paint patch ups and does have some fretwear at the first 3 frets its also a bridge loader. It really is a nice guitar that I would only sell at the...
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    Guitars on ebay

    There must be a huge demand for used guitars, I watch ebay a lot scouring for guitars at good prices but they are few and far between. I have had one good deal on ebay where I just happened to be there when it came on at a stupid buy it now price but mostly I find guitars on there a little...
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    Why I had to buy a Telecaster

    Mike Campbell, he of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, is a major influence on my playing. Have any of you guys heard Mikes playing of the Telecaster on the Dylan/Petty 1986 tour, especially the sydney show which is amazing, when I saw the video "Hard to handle" I went out and bought a Telecaster...

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