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  1. musicalmartin

    Gold Foil cheapie

    I bought a very cheap gold foil acoustic pickup for my Recording King .I was looking a thread on the UK's Fretboard on Gold foil pickups and a guy had put one of these in a P90 case and attached it to his Loar archtop with pleasing results.As I have a super cheapo of Gumtree Vintage V99 Zip...
  2. musicalmartin

    A Fender Lead II with a tele headstock

    I had a 1981 ish Lead II bought new from a dealer in the UK that had a Tele headstock with Lead II on it ,not the smaller strat type .Beginning to think I am mistaken but any info out there .
  3. musicalmartin

    Keiper 109 jazzer from Germany .NUGD

    I was on the look out for a Les Paul type jazzer having finaly ,after about 6o years ,deciding what I wanted out a guitar ,a Gibson scale ,light weight hollow body Les Paul sized guitar to carry around a city late at night . Gibson was out on price alone and there were not many...
  4. musicalmartin

    The horror ...the horror .skip find almost

    Went up our local recycling depot today and always look in their 'shop".Sometimes found some useful stuff really cheap .I got this for a fiver with a Morley Wah and Boost pedal of dubious usage .After a quick check for a twisted neck and action ,all was AOK so bought it .Its a cheap so...
  5. musicalmartin

    Fender cn -140sCE thoughts anyone

    Fancy a jazzy nylon and this looks like it may well suit me .I have short fingers so pure classical a bit of a pain .Its electro and comes with a hard case .It may well get some stage time at jazz club open nights so I need some playability .It looks good but of course I await maybe some...
  6. musicalmartin

    Fender repleacment neck is out of spec fret wise .

    I bought a new replacement 22 fret Fender neck a genuine part .The spec states 22 fret ,9.5 medium jumbo etc .Perfect .The trouble is after playing it a while and not enjoying it I realized it has jumbo frets,about 1.7 mm high .I can file all the frets down but its a long tedious job .Any...
  7. musicalmartin

    anyone into model railroads here besides me

    I have been building an H0 model railroad based on the California area in steam transition day s. There is also a bit of Hon3 thrown in as i couldnt resist Blackstones K27 and a few cars .I pay over the odds over here as like guitars we pay 20% tax on landing goods . Anyone else on here into...
  8. musicalmartin

    Wilko cheap deal uK

    for UK fans of Wilko .Guitarguitar have a deal on his tele .:grin:
  9. musicalmartin

    UK Pawn Shop Fenders and Joe Trohman blow out

    Just a quickie for us Brits .Peach guitars and GAK and others are having a huge blowout on Pawn shop Jagarillos ,other pawn shops and the Squier Joe Trohman tele is just 140 quid .There are also other Fenders too Thanks to the UK's The Fretboard forum .
  10. musicalmartin

    Achtung urgent etc paypal

    Anyone listing gear on paypal should be aware of new rules for sellers 17 the June.buyers can now make a dispute up to 180 days .It means a buyer can gig an amp for 5 months and then return it after dropping it .I have just pulled my amp listing .ridiculous .
  11. musicalmartin

    Not sure if it was a compliment

    A Lou Reed number came on TV last night for a few moments .not sure what number exactly ,just himself and a jangly guitar .My wife suddenly said 'he sounds just like you " .My wife is not into any blues ,jazz country ,or anthing with a bit of soul or meaning .She like the Beatles well enough...
  12. musicalmartin

    New today Les Paul quality

    I bought a new Les Paul this morning .It played really sweet .Nothing fancy just a Custom Shop burst or some such .It was a good deal ,they threw in a lead and a pick. The problem I have is that for such an expensive guitar it has the neck bolts and plate missing .Both my Tele and my Strat have...
  13. musicalmartin

    Walter Trout ill and needs help.

    just seen this on music Radar so am posting on here .I had a kidney infection for a mere few weeks and lost about 3 stone and had no energy to even move without extreme effort so god only knows what this guy and others are going through .Maybe you can help...
  14. musicalmartin

    Harley Benton JA-605B

    I got my Harley Benton Jazzmaster type copy a few days ago .Its the took a week to arrive from Germany which isnt bad considering the Christmas holidays were in the way so all was well.i bought it on the stregnth of some posts about the HB prince type Tele on here .It cost a mere...
  15. musicalmartin

    Twice round the lighthouse?

    Or should I say saddles .I was threading up my top E string onto my tele parts caster with a toploaded bridge and thought about wrapping it twice round the saddle.Has any one ever done it .? Would it kill tone and sustain or help it ? I throw the question open .I chickened out as was my...
  16. musicalmartin

    Two neck pickups ?

    I have two neck ups I like .Has anyone put two neck pickups side beside each other like a humbucker layout though probably wired like a three pickup layout with both necks independent and also series?.It would keep the integrity of the neck pickup sound on bothe pickups .Probaly a mad idea...
  17. musicalmartin

    Have i blown up my Mustang 1 ?

    OK here goes .I got a Mustang 1 two years ago almost exactly .No problems and I like it alot especially when set up via Fuse .Being me I put a external speaker switchable jack socket in the back .no problems I run a 10 inch Eminence 105 at home and it sounds great .At jam sessions I hook...
  18. musicalmartin

    earthing problem

    I have been building up a partscaster form odd bits laying around homeless and its all turned out well except for one problem .I have a Van Zandt bridge pickup and a Fender Japan Dragster humbucker .All on a three way switch .Both pickups have worked fine in other guitars and in fact the...
  19. musicalmartin

    The first time I saw a tele

    [ it looked super cool to me .Stripped down for action like a hot bike ,nothing on it that wasnt needed or fancy colour .I knew about the red strats and lusted like so many in the UK but there was something about that bit of bare wood :grin:casually slung over a chair back.Didnt even know what...
  20. musicalmartin

    Bert Weedon died

    As no doubt you all know he was a major influence on thousands of British and other kids who having lusted for dreams of guitar stardom bought his little book and started trying to play ,usually on crappy unplayable guitars or even cricket bats RIP Bert ,We all owe you a lot
  21. musicalmartin

    Actually got justice from ebay !!!!!

    I sold a Unimat SL lathe a few weeks ago .It had a great motor that had been rewound by a rewind specialist and woked fine .the motor is the weak link in the chain as its casing is specific to the unimat and allows it to be set up as milling machine .I sent it off and wham the customer tells...
  22. musicalmartin

    Blues Guitars

    I was looking at assorted makes of guitar today ,or was I lusting , and looked at an SG and a Jaguar ,Jazz master etc and the thought how few of these are used by blues players , a member of which I pretend to be .I know Sister Rosetta Tharpe played an white SG and lets face who was going to...
  23. musicalmartin


    I have a GFS HSH P wood body for a strat project .The format -buy a body -buy a neck -etc means I have a choice of what pickup control type in the end .I can get a pickguard routed for a tele bridge and strat or tele pickup .I already have the pickups and being a strat its no big thing to swap...
  24. musicalmartin

    Graham Coxon Tele signature model

    looks rather interesting :grin:
  25. musicalmartin

    Sound exciters ?

    Any one tripped over these .They might have potential for built in sound systems on guitars as they basically do away with a speaker and make the actual item you are using into a speaker..I believe they have some potential model train usage as the speaker is a real pain to fit in tiny locos but...

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