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  1. The Saint

    SOLD Harmonic Design '54 Special Tele Neck Pickup (Black)

    Very cool P90-ish Tele neck pickup that disappears on a Black pickguard for a sleek Esquire look $OLD Shipped via Zelle or PP/FF or trade for ?
  2. The Saint

    An elegant new solution for 12-String Tele builds / conversions

    Hey, everyone...wanted to share this with the members I recently built a 12-string Tele for a friend and ran into a dilemma I've seen discussed many times on the forum....the bridge. I wanted main string 1st and then drone string ala the Rickenbaker (which ruled out the Gotoh bridge). I also...
  3. The Saint

    Looking for someone to do inlay on a neck

    Hey all, Wasn't sure where to post this. I'm building a "Waylon Tele" for my nephew and I'm looking for someone to do the 12th fret inlay that Fender used on their Waylon Tribute Tele. Pics attached...let me know if you can help
  4. The Saint

    Any Forum members out there do inlay work?

    Hey all, I'm building a Waylon Tele for my nephew and he would like the 12th fret inlay that Fender did on their Waylon Tribute Tele. Anyone out there that could do this? I'm attaching a couple pics and thanks in advance for any suggestions or info
  5. The Saint

    Wow, someone just paid $555 for a set of Ron Ellis pickups!

  6. The Saint

    Blender Pot

    I've been experimenting with blender pots on Strats. I've tried Rob's diagram which blends in the bridge pickup, and Fezz's which blends in the neck or bridge depending on the switch setting. Both work great. But in both cases, the blender pot sweep seems backwards and counter-intuitive. In...
  7. The Saint

    Reverse the sweep on a blender pot?

    I've been experimenting with blender pots on Strats. I've tried Rob's diagram which blends in the bridge pickup, and Fezz's which blends in the neck or bridge depending on the switch setting. Both work great. But in both cases, the blender pot sweep seems backwards and counter-intuitive. In...
  8. The Saint

    Removing a waterslide decal

    What's the best way to remove a waterslide decal that's been applied on top of a nitro finished neck (like they do on the '52 reissue Tele)? Can it be done without damaging the finish or would it likely need some touch up?
  9. The Saint

    Anyone have $2,900 you could loan me?

    After reading the thread on how to get the "Green Onions" sound I've been thinking about the Tweed Harvard that Cropper used on that session. I've always wanted to play through one of these amps but they're just not around. So, I searched the LA craigslist and found this: 1958 in 9/10...
  10. The Saint

    Fret leveling beam - Is 8 inches long enough?

    After reading Ron's fine tutorial on fret leveling, I purchased the quartz fret leveling beam that one of the members sells on Ebay. I thought I was buying the 18" beam but ended up with the 8" (it seems he no longer offers the longer beams). So, will this do the job or should I look for...
  11. The Saint

    Will this damage my pickup?

    I have a Duncan 59 bridge pickup that is bright white and I would like to tint it to match the color scheme of the guitar I'm building (HSS Strat). I have a can of Reranch tinted clearcoat that would be the perfect shade but I'm afraid I will damage the pickup. I only want to mist some on the...
  12. The Saint

    Question about humbucker construction

    I'd like to change a Zebra (Cream and Black) Duncan '59 to Cream and Cream. Duncan says they're prohibited from offering that color combination. So, I'm wondering if the colored plastic top plates (not sure what they're called) can be removed and replaced without damaging the pickup...
  13. The Saint

    How do you leave feedback in the classifieds?

    I recently had a smooth transaction with a forum member via the classifieds and I would like to leave positive feedback for him. I know I've done it before but I can't figure out how to do it now. Has something changed? Thanks in advance for any hep with this
  14. The Saint

    12 Foot Tele

    Saw this today on Los Angeles craigslist. $2,500
  15. The Saint

    Duncan 59 for a Strat bridge?

    I'm building a Strat for a friend who wants a full sized Humbucker in the bridge position. He doesn't want a "hot" pickup like the JB, but more of a traditional PAF type tone. Has anyone here used a Duncan 59 in the bridge position on a Strat? I'm also wondering if it will give a decent...
  16. The Saint

    Stratocaster Vibrato - "Return To Zero"

    I'm building my first Strat for a friend and looking at Vibrato / Bridge Assembly options. He says the most important thing for him is that it will stay in tune as he likes to use the vibrato arm. I'm looking at the Callaham which I'm sure sounds great, but I'm not sure it is an improvement...
  17. The Saint

    Staggered Pole Pickups with 10" Radius Neck - Bad Idea?

    I know staggered pole pickups were designed when Fender necks were 7.25" radius to get a more even response across the strings Would staggered poles work on a modern 10" radius neck or would the flatter radius make the D & G strings too loud?
  18. The Saint

    Question for 52 Hot Rod Tele owners

    I just wired up a homebrew Hot Rod Tele using all the same specs as Fender including the Duncan mini humbucker and the 375 k pots. I used an Original Vintage pickup for the bridge since a lot of folks here think that's the pickup Fender uses in the Hot Rod. Bridge and neck positions sound...
  19. The Saint

    Telecaster screw sizes

    Hey all, I recently saw a thread where someone had listed all the screws (and sizes) needed to assemble a Telecaster. I've been searching but I can't seem to find it. Anyone know where it is? Also, does anyone know a supplier for screws besides Fender? $4.50 plus shipping for 4 bridge...
  20. The Saint

    Need advice - neck refinish

    I just picked up an Allparts neck on craigslist that the owner bought unfinished and attempted to finish himself. He used Reranch Fender neck amber tint but didn't use any sealer before applying the tint and the result is a blotchy, streaky looking finish. He also sprayed the nitro clearcoat...
  21. The Saint

    The Telecaster and Soul Music

    I just love the way the Telecaster was used in southern 60's soul music. Check out this Soul Train live performance by Wilson Picket, doing the old Bobby Womack tune "I'm In Love". Cool Tele, awesome player. Anyone know who he is? A guy in the comments calls him Liston. <object...
  22. The Saint

    how do you delete an ad in the classifieds?

    I accidentally posted in the dealers section and then moved it to the regular "guitars for sale" section but it's appearing twice. How do I get rid of one of the ads? Thanks and keep the $2. I thought you were starting to charge for ads :lol:
  23. The Saint

    Norcott's "The Fillmore" is a tone monster!!

    I accidentally started a new thread. Please read my reply in the original thread: The Saint
  24. The Saint

    Check out this Tele player!

    "Black Olives" This is an obscure 45 from 1966 on the Paula label by Washington DC area group "The Bad Boys".
  25. The Saint

    Loud Hum in 63 Reverb reissue

    Hey all, I just purchased a second-hand 63 Reissue Reverb unit and it's making a loud hum no matter what amp I try it through. It's not a buzz but a low frequency hum. I switched out the tubes but that didn't seem to be the problem. The reverb sounds great and the unit is working but the...

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