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  1. funkysoul

    in between 3 used amps

    my budget is 250 euros for bying a small practice home tube amp.lockaly in geece right now i can find used for those money a Laney LC-15, a VHT Special 6 head for 120euros compined with an Ibanez 1x12 cab loaded with a CELESTION SEVENTY 80 speaker for 100euros and at last a Laney Cub 10 in great...
  2. funkysoul

    NGD SG Special

    Today i came home with this beautiful guitar in my hands. A very nice constructed instrument. Finish, binding, nut, frets all excellent. The board needed some more oil to come alive and a half of a turn of the truss rod made it butter. Really easy to play. The p90s suits my style very nice for...
  3. funkysoul

    Lost in the mix

    Today in my band jam for first time i used my new maxon od 808.i usualy get my dirt from my Laney vc 15 second channel at lvl 7 the gain doing classic rock things and i use pedals for solo boost only.well even with the pedal vol at max i did not get a boost.i was lost in the band mix.i'm a bit...
  4. funkysoul

    Led Switch

    I just received a Laney FS-2 and I have a problem with the channel switch. The light is on when the drive is off and that's the opposite from the other led of the reverb switch. Is it possible to make the channel led turns red when the drive is on?
  5. funkysoul

    Boss od-3 don't boost me right

    Lastly I bought a Marshall AVT275. For jams and's a very nice Amp for 200€ used with its pedal.but I have noticed that my BOSS OD-3 does not boost its dirty channel as very well does it to my Laney VC-15 all tube Amp.its no vol and gai prob with other pedals at...
  6. funkysoul

    Marshall AVT275

    Monday I bought one of these for 200€ in reall mint condition.... The pedal was still sealed in its box with plastics. So may main Amp is a Laney VC 15 turned in to a head with a cab with 2x10 speakers.and I wanted an Amp to jam with friends 1 or 2 days a week. classic things I admit i liked...
  7. funkysoul

    Thinking about Boss TR-2

    I wanna upgrade my Joyo tremolo and thinking about Boss.i don't know much about modulation.and it's the less played pedal in my boss is sturdy,classic and +-100€ it's enough for a tremolo... Whats your voice?
  8. funkysoul

    from active to passive

    a friend of mine wants to get rid of his pickups from this bass what are the options to go passive if there is any drop in set withouy any mods.thanks
  9. funkysoul

    New toys for me

    A new arrival just hit the door.I have great expectations from the OD-3.I trade my BD-2 for it... We'll see! And a tuner.Never felt I needed one but for 10€ I grabbed it
  10. funkysoul

    Ampeg VL 1002Y.... Shall I buy?

    I just found that ampeg guitar head in good condition for 250€. I don't know anything about it.can you school me please?
  11. funkysoul

    i'm for new compressor

    ok i just destroy my EBS Multycomp Guitar Edition don't ask how and why and i'm gonna get a new as my pocket can spend i'm about Boss CS-3,MXR Super Comp,EHX Tone Corset and maybe Fender The Bends.i know that all of them will do the job for me but i don't know witch one is the most quiet...
  12. funkysoul

    For some more gain...

    I boost my amp dirt channel with my beloved BD-2 and I'm very satisfied with that but some times and I mean it "some" I need a bit more I don't want to spend more than 20€ for that and I have not any more space in board.cause if I had I would have gone for a SD-1. I'm straight for a...
  13. funkysoul

    Parallel and phase wiring

    I wanna wire up my Dimarzio bridge pickup parallel and in phase.please help if it's possible.i can't find a diagram
  14. funkysoul

    to upgrade my bridge

    ok its not about my tele but still it is a i've got a very nice Harley Benton Les Paul type guitar and i have done some could any body tell if that gotoh bridge could give me something more than the stock?i wonder whats that...
  15. funkysoul

    I'm really tempted....

    Well I've got a bd-2 and I'm OK with it.the only use its for boost my dirty amp.butim tempted lastly for this one Have you any experience?
  16. funkysoul

    Back to BD-2

    happy owner of one again after 16 came and it's gonna came to me from a trade of an MXR just took me a lot of years to understand that my Amp dirt channel is the best and I need only a bit of dirt more some times.thats it.for now I'm out of the hole mates
  17. funkysoul

    about JJ CALE

    it might have been talked before but i want to say that after 2 decades of listening i just want to praise his work.he deserves a sit with the best of all time.and the "REALLY" is my favorite one next to #5 and #8.....he is such a gent.he treats music always "with the glove"... thats all
  18. funkysoul

    help for a buffer

    i'm thinking about this one. is an onboard buffer and could easy be added to "any" pedal well i dont want to add it i just want to do a small one for my pedal board. if you take a look at the last word of description and open the 3PDT Buffer documentation...
  19. funkysoul

    ehx satisfaction mod

    i just put a cap in and its another pedal now i like a lot and its gonna stay on board.a big change in the volume.unity hits at 10:00 and the gain has more body and bass no more that biizzy thing that had as stock. i try to put some diodes Si 1n4148 and BAT46 that i had in hand and i've have the...
  20. funkysoul

    ehx satisfaction mods

    ok now i'm waiting my new ehx satisfaction pedal and as i see some guys has filled the empty inputs of 1 cap and 2 now in hand i've got a .22uF cap.and AO1148 Ge-Bat46 Si and 1N4148Si diodes what have you done or you suggest?
  21. funkysoul

    1N4148 diodes in COT Clone

    so as a first time pedal build i broke in process my 2 AO1148 i wait some new to come.'till then please tell me if i put on board some 1N4148 that i' ve got in hand what i can expect.thanks
  22. funkysoul

    1rst try for me

    well its my 1 rst try and i just pull the trigger for this one i see it simple but i dont know how it would sound.any body can give a direction what to expect? thanks
  23. funkysoul

    Malekko Ekko 616 MKII Prob

    hello to all.i just recive this pedal from a friend with the problem that when you plug in the jacks no matter what the power supply is suddenly creates a big hiss and signal loss maybe over 80% even it is off the when it is on nothing really change.i play a bit with the 2 internal...
  24. funkysoul

    GHS NICKEL ROCKERS - Custom Light 10-50

    for many years i was playing with 10-46 or 10-48 daddario,ernie ball or ghs never mind too much.for about 2,5 now i went 11-48 and i really dig them.then i tryed ghs 11-50 way better the lower 3 strings.but as the time passing by the higher 3 strings hearts my fingers a lot.i thought maybe a set...
  25. funkysoul

    mosky noise gate DOA?

    i put it on this morning and i think it doesn't do any.what you think?