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    Question about Shellac

    I have about 8 spray coats of shellac on a strat I'm going to be clear coating with EM6000 waterbase laquer. My question is should I ruff up the surface with fine sandpaper for better adhesion or should i just spray over top of the shiny shellac? This is my first time with Zinnzer...
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    color recipy

    Anyone got a good color recipe for the neck on a 97 tele, Fender says it's color # 010-8402 whatever that is ! I need to match it to headstock as close as possible.
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    Humidity or fret slot

    That is the question , is it humidity or the fret slot width that is causing the back bow in the neck that I'm working on. Story goes like this , doing a refret on a maple neck and had to resurface the neck because of cosmetics, got it sanded nice and strait. I'm using the stewmac fret...
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    Chippy Lacquer

    I've built 5-6 guitars so far and used Cristalex waterbased on some and Beauty-tone rattle can lacquer on a few others. Now on my friends build I tried Watco brand rattle cans and I find it to be extremely chippy. I mean just reopening the bridge holes and there was very obvious chipping...

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