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  1. trahx

    We have now joined the big-ass pickup fraternity.

    Big ass pickups
  2. trahx

    Would you own a black Tele, or any other kind of black guitar for that matter?

    Black Tele, black Strat, black Gretsch Pro Jet, black Warwick Corvette Rockbass currently. Good thing I like black guitars because us lefty's usually don't get a lot of color or finish options.
  3. trahx

    Anyone have any particular sites they'd recommend for selling pedals?

    Reverb is the best, lower fees than flea-bay. I've sold many pedals there with no issues.
  4. trahx

    Who Bought Something Because of The Quarantine? If So, What?

    Well, I sold 2 guitars and bought this one because I didn't have one with P-90's. Good reason, right?
  5. trahx

    Name 5 guitarists that most influenced your playing style

    Jimi Hendrix Rory Gallagher Billy Gibbons Unknown Hinson Eddie Angel
  6. trahx

    What's the smallest amp you've ever gigged with, not mic'd up?

    The smallest amp I've gigged with was a Blackheart (Crate) with 1 12". It was a switchable 3 & 5 watt Class A amp. I played in a rockabilly band with a fairly loud drummer and I never ran it above 3 watts.
  7. trahx

    Does playing bass affect (improve/hurt) your regular guitar playing?

    I play guitar in one band and bass in another. I started on guitar first 45 years ago and then learned bass about 20 years ago. I can switch back and forth with no adjustment time. I find that playing bass helps my guitar playing and vice versa.
  8. trahx

    The BAD practice

    Our bad band practices lasted about 2 months while we auditioned several bass players to take my place as I was planning on switching to playing guitar in the band. We play classic rock and I couldn't believe it when people would show up unprepared or unable to play songs that we requested they...
  9. trahx

    Most surreal thing you ve seen at a gig.

    At one gig, two ladies who care for each other very much did some very suggestive dancing right in front of me for most of our final set. Afterwards they found me and gave me a $50 tip!
  10. trahx

    Least Favorite Guitar in Your Collection

    That would be my 2017 lefty Eastwood Surfcaster. I've always wanted a Charvel but couldn't find one. The Eastwood looked and sounded good in the demo video so I bought one direct from Eastwood. For $1000 I got an absolute piece of junk. The neck had 3 unlevel frets and fretted out all over the...
  11. trahx

    Kiesel/Carvin guitars, are they worth it?

    My lefty 88/89 Carvin DC-135 is worth every penny and then some. Awesome guitar!
  12. trahx

    "Have you played every one of your guitars..."

    I have 8 guitars, 5 basses and a Bouzouki. I do not play all of them every month and some haven't been touched for months. The band I'm in requires 2 specific guitars so they get 80% of the playing time. Other guitars get brought out when I occasionally play with other bands or when I record.
  13. trahx

    It had to happen - the new Fender Acoustasonic Strat!

    Here's one guitar where I'm glad they don't make a left handed model.
  14. trahx

    Post A Pic That Makes You Smile !

  15. trahx

    the last practice before gig

    Our classic rock band plays gigs about once a month, of course we know about the gigs in advance. We always schedule an extra rehearsal just before the gig to run through our full 4hr show and make any last minute adjustments. The most important thing is to have fun!
  16. trahx

    Left Handed?

    The only 2 things I do left handed are play guitar and write. Everything else I'm totally right handed. Because I write left handed I have enough dexterity to pick plus I also believe the dominant hand should do the fretting. It's worked for me the last 50 years.
  17. trahx

    To those with several guitars. (most of ya) The house is on fire, you can only grab ONE guitar...

    Of my 14 guitars the one I'll grab is my '88 Carvin DC-135
  18. trahx

    “Up to here” with guitars; what would be your LAST ONE?

    I'm up to 14 and probably going to thin the herd this year. That said, there is only 1 guitar I need for my 'last' one - a left handed Gretsch Billy Bo Jupiter.
  19. trahx

    Doesn't anybody just join a damn band anymore?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of band management! With all due respect, many musicians are flakes and will say anything to get the current gig. If you're lucky you'll find players that will stay committed. Either embrace it or forget it.
  20. trahx

    Show off your beater. The "not exactly your prize guitar" thread

    Squier Affinity strat neck on an unknown tele body with a leather pickguard to boot! WHAT.A. MESS.