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  1. Yreva

    Capacitor identification

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Mark
  2. Yreva

    Capacitor identification

  3. Yreva

    Capacitor identification

    Hi all, This is a picture of a capacitor in my custom shop tele. Can someone help ID this one and provide a source who sells them? Thanks, Mark
  4. Yreva

    White Blonde

    White Blonde
  5. Yreva

    White Blonde finish

    Hi all, I recently picked up a closet classic in white blonde. The finish is beautifully checked but it’s a really bright white. For those who have owned similar guitars can I expect it to age naturally over time to a more subdued shade? Thanks, Mark
  6. Yreva

    5F4 and AA1164 amp circuits

    Thanks for the replies. One of my pet peeves is poor communication which translates into lack of trust, which translates into I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  7. Yreva

    5F4 and AA1164 amp circuits

    I’d appreciate some input here. I inquired about a Princeton Reverb clone from a boutique amp maker and the terms 5F4 and Princeton Reverb and AA1164 are being used interchangeably. I’m no expert on amps but I thought 5F4 referred to the old Fender Super Tweeds and AA1164 is the circuit used in...
  8. Yreva

    Does anyone else have this neck pocket issue?

    This is an absolutely period correct Nocaster characteristic and no effort should be made to remedy it. Upon closer examination you’ll also notice the so called router hump along the curve of the lower horn where it meets the body. Both are intended to make the instrument as authentic as...
  9. Yreva

    Tone Concepts The Distillery pedal

    The company hasn’t had ANY pedals in stock for going on two years. Anyone have any insight on this.