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  1. DrNickD

    Nut files, yeah again

    Another vote for eBay here. I got a set of Hoscos for about $50, you just have to keep an eye on the auctions for a little while.
  2. DrNickD

    Suggestions for Rockabilly - Multi Effect Stomp Box

    Not a pedal, but the Yamaha THR series practice amps have all those effects, and a lot of great amp modeling. Pretty respectable tape echo sound.
  3. DrNickD

    Red Simpson--Guitar Player?

    Do any of you know if Red Simpson is playing the lead on Truck Drivin' Fool (esp. Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves), or is it somebody else? I can't find any credit listings on the internet, and it's some pretty classic country picking.
  4. DrNickD

    Best Tele player ya ever saw live?

    I think Jim Weider is mine too. I lived in the same neighborhood in our tiny ass town growing up, and I used to ride my bike by his house all the time and listen to him practice. Only saw him gig once though, with a group who called themselves Enormous Johnson (!), that also included Chris...
  5. DrNickD

    Trem units?

    Lots of good suggestions--thanks all! I may have to bump up my budget a bit.
  6. DrNickD

    Trem units?

    I'm stuck on picking a trem system for my second build. The one thing I'm pretty sure of is that I don't want a Bigsby, they just don't feel right to me. I like the feel of my Mustang's unit, but it's way too big. What are folks thoughts on Strat style trems versus jag/offsets? Other options...
  7. DrNickD

    Tele Trio - A Tribute to Buck and Don

    Great idea! That's some lovely wood you've got there. Now all you gotta do is act naturally...
  8. DrNickD

    Should I get an Electrosocket?

    I'm also in the pro-electrosocket camp. Just wanted to give a shout for Forney parts--they make really nice stuff, including electrosockets:
  9. DrNickD

    Do any builders here buy 'luthier lots'?

    I'd buy something like that off Reverb if the seller included some specifics in the description and it matched something I need.

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