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  1. Direwolf

    Ok, I may have had Roy Buchanan on my mind

    Very, very nice. Enjoyed it.
  2. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Thanks, SRH! That is really cool! I'll get my son to try it out!
  3. Direwolf

    Rattlesnakes of Arizona - 9 species of venomous pit vipers from Sonoran desert

    That is just plain false. both Copperhead/Cottonmouth are pit vipers. The Cottonmouth has very potent venom. Bites are not that common because they rarely bite unless handled or stepped on. Their venom isn't as potent as rattlesnakes but to suggest you don't need antivenin is wrong. My neighbor...
  4. Direwolf

    Do you display your diplomas?

    My brother has a Phd. I have a t-shirt that reads "I don't have a Phd, but I do have a DD-214". We kid each other like that all the time.
  5. Direwolf

    70's Type TV Theme

    Or Bobby Goldsboro
  6. Direwolf

    Do you display your diplomas?

    I have my high school diploma but don't have it displayed. I do have my honorable discharge on the wall in my "man cave".
  7. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Ha! No, dammit, I'm thankin' ya now! I just downloaded the trial version and it looks pretty good. I already learned a song he wanted me to learn. If I can just get him to use it.
  8. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Reaper is the best. I've been using it for a decade at least. I can do just about anything in it but my son isn't going to take the time to learn it until he can play well enough to be interested in recording. He'll lose interest. I've looked at a few free ones and some that aren't. Transcribe...
  9. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Yeah, I've seen a few like Song Surgeon and such. Just wanted to ask people who had used them before and get an opinion before I either got something he wouldn't use or wasn't any good. I had something called looper maybe 20 or 25 years ago that was pretty good for the time. I wish the...
  10. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Well, I think I found something he can and will actually use. It's called Music Speed Changer. It's an app for phones but they also have a web version. It's also free.
  11. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Thanks, everybody!
  12. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Thanks. Yeah, I found that out. Don't see the point of a forum if the answers are to use google.
  13. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Thanks! Is there a way other than the playback speed transport to do it? When I slow it down like that it changes the pitch.
  14. Direwolf

    Software for a Beginner

    Folks, I'm looking for some software for my son. He's learning guitar and I'm looking for something that will slow down the songs he likes without changing the pitch. Are any of you aware of something that might help him? TIA
  15. Direwolf

    please toast a cold one to my uncle jack... RIP mate

    Godspeed, Uncle Jack.
  16. Direwolf

    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 11.03.21

    Thanks, Alan. I've been on TDPRI for over a decade. I just never had the time to post anything. I retired last year so now I have some spare time!
  17. Direwolf

    Princeton, Deluxe or Vibrolux…

    Tweed Deluxe. I love the interactive tone circuit.
  18. Direwolf

    Grits! Love'm or hate'm?

    Love 'em!!!
  19. Direwolf

    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 11.03.21

    Hey, folks. This is the first one of these I've done so go easy on me!
  20. Direwolf

    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    Not crazy about them, but I wouldn't turn down a free one!
  21. Direwolf

    Boomers- what are your one-liners for today??

    "I was there for a week one day." - Me If ya know, ya know.
  22. Direwolf

    What wine pairs best with Domino's Pizza?

    What's the price? Fitty twice!