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    Garage heater suggestions?

    I read recently that breathing propane can be dangerous. If you don't have proper ventilation, go for an electric heater. If it's just to keep yourself warm while you practice, it shouldn't be too expensive.
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    Specific amp models used to create Yamaha THR30ii

    Good point. The Yamaha engineer who supposedly designed these amp models answers questions in TheGearPage thread where this spreadsheet is from. ejohnson is his username, I believe. I wonder if he would take the time to divulge what exact modifications were made...
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    Specific amp models used to create Yamaha THR30ii

    This spreadsheet is swimming around the internet, and I found it helpful. I found it on the 151 page thread on the THR30II.
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    Talk me out of the TC Spark Mini pedal that is on sale at Sweetwater

    I'd pay extra for the full sized pedal to have the option to run on batteries.
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    New Squier CV Tele's almost all over 9lbs...

    Forget comfort. Does lighter weight translate to better sound?
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    The scammers FINALLY got me.

    So sorry! Did you call your cc company? Bank?
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    How To Not Get Me To Buy A Telecaster...

    I liked this video. It was fun, and Yvette plays great. I was looking at Ibanez Teles before I settled with Fender. I was able to get a used American Deluxe for the same price as this guitar, and this isn't made in Japan. Ibanez just started making a Prestige MIJ Tele that's $2000. Has anyone...
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    Eastman appreciation! NGD

    It kinda looks like a Yamaha SA2200, made in Japan, which is also a take on the Gibson ES335. I have an Eastman dreadnought, and it's phenomenal.
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    Tele made in Indonesia Worthless?

    Did you go with the SD P Rails? To get all three sounds, wouldn't you need a 5 way switch And a coil split? I'd be curious to know about the noise level on these. Good luck with your beautiful guitar!
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    Guitarist Gift Ideas <$50 ? ? ?

    A 5 string capo, a 3 string capo, a slide, one of those things that goes over the nut to lift the strings to play slide... A harmonica and harmonica holder...
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    Coolest Guitar Things You Got in 2021

    Behringer C-2 matched mics to record acoustic guitar. They're only $50. I absolutely can't believe how great my guitar sounds! Zoom Q2N-4K is a point and shoot video recorder with super x/y mics to shoot video to upload to YouTube. It's good av quality and so simple. I upgraded my Melodyne...
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    Do you display your diplomas?

    Yes I do! I'm proud of every minute I spent in traffic school!
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    Why can't I find a decent office chair with flip up arms?

    If the ergonomic support under the rock is adequate, I might crawl under with you.
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    Just ordered the Airstep YT for my THR30II.

    The Spark app features integrated into the Yamaha amp would be the best of both worlds.
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    Just ordered the Airstep YT for my THR30II.

    I'd like to know your impressions of the Airstep, Spark. The Spark was definitely a seems light-years ahead of Yamaha in virtual pedals and overall app sophistication. I got the impression that the Yamaha edged the Spark in audio fidelity which it should for being like double the...
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    Why can't I find a decent office chair with flip up arms?
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    Why can't I find a decent office chair with flip up arms?

    I got one several years ago at Costco. Check out their website. It was on a special sale for $150.
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    6/12 Reversible Double Neck Acoustic

    I would get it if my girlfriend was a left hand player. We could play duets and look in each other's eyes. How romantic!
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    Just ordered the Airstep YT for my THR30II.

    It's on a Black Friday sale for $79, but they charge $20 for shipping! I think it normally goes for $100 plus shipping. It's a Bluetooth footswitch to toggle between presets or effect settings. There are a bunch of YouTube videos. When you...
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    I really love this song by Quinn Sullivan

    What a voice!! He plays a strat in this official video. There's a video of him playing this live with a tele, but the live recording is crappy imo.
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    NGD: Squier Vista Series Jagmaster

    That is way cool looking. Does it have a distinctive sound that makes it different from other guitars with two double coiled pickups?
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    Joe Bonamassa hoarding vintage instruments

    What bugs me is the guy who hoards antique clocks but, having grown up with digital watches, doesn't know how to tell time!
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    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    To this newbie, hearing so many brands is quite tantalizing and confusing. I have the stock Sumerian cobalt noiseless pickups on my 2007 American Deluxe, but I don't know enough to say they're my favorites. There's a partscaster made with hand wound Lollar pups at my local store where they just...
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    What Should I Do With My Classic Vibe Tele

    You could also raise the nut, put it in open tuning and use it for slide.