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  1. Deebs3

    Anyone actually see Jimi Hendrix play live?

    I saw Randy 5 years ago, he was fantastic, the thing with Randy is he looks like how Jimi would look now if he was alive, and he talks like Jimi, and plays like Jimi.
  2. Deebs3

    Fitting a clapton boost

    That's a great idea, but not sure where you will put the circuit board, in fact I don't think it would fit anywhere. Same as the battery.
  3. Deebs3

    Oh Well

  4. Deebs3

    I think somebody re hatched SRV

    The guys just jammin on YouTube, it's not like he's trying to be Stevie, if I could play like him or Tommy katona I certainly would.
  5. Deebs3

    I think somebody re hatched SRV

    He is very good haven't heard of him before, he has lots of videos, lots to check out.
  6. Deebs3

    Never honk at fat Russell Crowe

    Maybe he gained weight for the role? Prolly not......
  7. Deebs3

    Relapse-almost a year clean

    I think the main problem is we search for bargains and sooner or later one will come along and there is no reason to not buy another guitar. Unless you like Gibson's..
  8. Deebs3

    favorite prison performance?

    BB at San Quentin... and Tex Perkins doing the Johnny Cash Far from Folsom Tribute Show at Boggo Road Jail (now defunct) here in Brisbane Ausralia...
  9. Deebs3

    Blues Junior versions ...

    We may have the same amp, mine also not very bright so i have the treble on max, am keen to try a V3 or V4.. Recently bought an EQ pedal which fixes any treble issues.
  10. Deebs3

    B B King

    Live at San Quentin is my favourite live BB album, especially when they tell bb he has to stop and have lunch.
  11. Deebs3

    Mick Fleetwood is so friggin

    Did Lindsay always play a tele on that song?
  12. Deebs3

    Is This Some Kinda Joke?

    All this stuff about Joes "lack of emotion" as if the level of emotion is a tangible quality, of course it's not. I hear plenty of emotion in Joes's stuff, take Mountain Time (the long version) for instance. Epic... The stuff he did with Beth Hart is fantastic too, so many recordings, maybe not...
  13. Deebs3

    Over the past twelve months, I have...

    Suppose it depends on how many OTHER guitars you have. Or is this it? Then you're good.
  14. Deebs3

    One of these things is not like the other.

    Well you don't need 2 basses..
  15. Deebs3

    Songs with great energy

  16. Deebs3


    I have the nux looper, B2 and BR5 wireless, and the Roctary, it's all good stuff, but I do have a strymon lex as well. They both sound quite different but still sound great, overall I would happily buy more nux.
  17. Deebs3

    ambiguity of directions

    The real issue is what to do if you are in outer space, considering there is no north or south, so how do you know where to go? How would you describe directions?
  18. Deebs3

    Robben Ford: Nazareth and more

    There is a free version on true fire of robben doing Freedom, also check that out. Great song.
  19. Deebs3

    If I could turn back time..(muscle car content)

    I grew up around toranas, we had SLRs and SSs all over the place, my first car was a LH Torana but i always lusted for an SLR, now if i want one, i will have to re-mortgage the house.
  20. Deebs3

    Was this intentional?

    You know what else fits like a glove????? A glove!!!!!!!
  21. Deebs3

    Crybaby Tears.

    My old Dunlop wahs run on center positive 9v so please check yours, everyone else uses center neg. I checked the manual but it doesn't say. Edit-is center neg apparently.
  22. Deebs3

    Some great documentaries free on YouTube

    I guess we'll never know. Coz we not old enough. .
  23. Deebs3

    Wireless System - Cheap vs. Expensive

    I've been using the nux B2 and then the nux BR5, both work perfectly but I suspect the major difference is battery life, and the newer BR5 lasts nothing like it is supposed to, I would love to change the battery for a better one, although the B2 after 2 Years started dropping out.
  24. Deebs3

    Blues Jr - tell me what's wrong with me??

    People like to ## all over the BJ but in reality, the size, price and functionality of the BJ make it an ideal players amp.
  25. Deebs3

    Recommend me a slide tuning.

    One of my favourite albums is Mick Taylors first album, lots of great slide in standard tuning, I remember long ago watching his guitar video and all I remember is him saying how he just plays lead using a slide, but he does it masterfully. But my cigar box is open G, haven't strayed far from...