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  1. Ekko

    The 10 Bar Chorus Debacle.

    Recently I’ve been writing a few songs with some friends of mine. It’s all well and good, but our most recent project has struck up a debate (not a heated one or anything mind you). It’s a simplistic rhythm guitar part I brought to them that was just fun to play and strum and I figured we could...
  2. Ekko

    Vintage Style Split Shaft Tuner Question

    I have an Alloarts LMO neck and want to put some split shaft tuners on it. The holes are .340” (8.6-ish mm) and I’m pretty sure both of these fit:
  3. Ekko

    Shell/Ballet Slipper/Dusky Pink Spray Paint Options?

    I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a spray paint in the vein of Shell/Dusty/Dusky/Ballet Slipper pink. Most I’ve seen have complaints in the “color doesn’t match cap and is very bright” vein. I want a matte to satin muted pink color. I ended up grabbing a cheap Yamaha Pacifica...
  4. Ekko

    Leftover Mismatched Guitar Strings

    I love alternate tunings. I have guitars in all kinds of different tunings from Standard to Drop D to Open E to Nashville to Ostrich and everything in between. Recently I’ve been playing with New Standard and have had to buy two packs to get the gauges I want for that tuning (Grabbed some Ernie...
  5. Ekko

    Oscillating Spindle Sander Question

    I have a build (my first) coming along slowly. Life has a habit of getting in the way of fun... I’m limited in tool access (no bandsaw) and have started cutting out my body with a combination of Japanese Saw and Coping Saw. I’m having a trouble keeping my cuts even and I’m scared to get closer...
  6. Ekko

    Effect Identification Help

    41649DBE-6BC6-49AF-8BF8-80590778C7E3 by Ekko posted Dec 16, 2017 at 6:10 PM I’ve recently gotten into a band called Potty Mouth. They are reminiscent of Grunge/Alternative/Riot Grrrl/90’s Punk bands like The Pixies, Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, 7 Year B*tch, L7, Bikini Kill, PJ Harvey...
  7. Ekko

    Info on a Peavey Renown Solo Series?

    A friend of mine gave me his old Peavy Renown Solo Series from his days when he was gigging Houston, TX with his punk band in the 90’s. He wanted solid state and LOUD. The amp definitely checks those boxes. 2x12 Scorpion speakers; 450 Watts. One thing I’ve enjoyed about the amp is that it takes...
  8. Ekko

    First ever build (gonna need advice I'm sure)

    I've had the desire to build my own guitar since I started playing; it's an itch I've finally decided to scratch. Though I've always had a love for Fender, I've mostly overlooked the Tele in favor of Jaguars, Mustangs, and Strats. But while thinking of what to build, I thought of many of my...