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    $100 Challenge Build Threads moved to sub-forum ABOVE ^

    What sub-forum is that then? I can't find it. Help a poor fool out and post a link will ya?
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    Wife said she'd buy me a Tele...

    Slow - I'm guessing you're looking for help disposing of the body?
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    The Emeraldcaster Project (aka Son of Meloncaster)

    Of course I noticed! How could I not? If you floated a Serenity image onto that headstock like a decal and maybe another with one of Kaylee onto the body, I might just have have to crawl to your place naked over broken glass - where the hell are you? Oh, that's a long crawl. FedEx it to me and...
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    The Emeraldcaster Project (aka Son of Meloncaster)

    All my dreams come true in one thread! Telecasters, Sparkles, Bucko's builds and Jos Whedon's masterpiece! You gotta do this Steve, it's an Interstellar Edict!
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    should a relic series?

    Nobody should build a relic series. I mean, would you buy a new car that looked as if it had been beat up and neglected for the last 20+ years? If I bought a '51 Chevy, I'd be looking to renovate it, to deliberately do the opposite seems stooopid to me
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    The Emeraldcaster Project (aka Son of Meloncaster)

    I'd go with a cross between this and PinkNoise's #3. This logo/placement (including the headstock decal), but with the #3 colourway. Just my 2 cents.
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    The Emeraldcaster Project (aka Son of Meloncaster)

    Do the little blue and red doohickeys dissolve in acetone? So you could make your own gunk? Just a thought.
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    New Squier Standard - Antique Burst

    Purty as all get out. Was just what I needed to tempt me to buy my first real guitar. I saw mine in the shop and just had to have her. That was 6 - 7 months ago, I treated her to a fret job and upgraded her pups to Fender SCNs. She now sounds as good as she looks (well, in other hands than...
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    i'm lost...

    Welcome, Buy a tele, or I'll come 'round your place and practice 'till you do. -That oughta do it (Yup I'm that bad)
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    Anybody see this Squier Custom II Blonde?

    I have one as my second tele (first is a Squier standard, antique burst, torty pg and rosewood fretboard). Got of the eBay for £82, first owner had already done the setup work, so, new strings, tune, play! I love it. I feel somehow disloyal to my first baby, 'cos I seem to gravitate towards...
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    Ok.............who would bid on this guitar?

    "Beware of the empty Cave"
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    The Emeraldcaster Project (aka Son of Meloncaster)

    That's vaguely obscene - and if there's one thing I can't stand it's vagueness!
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    Squier Custom II (P90s)

    Thanks Big Mike, Though I doubt the cleaner would get far, seems pretty much sealed. Yegbert, yup that Mighty Miite looks pretty much like what I found when I opened her up. If any SPDT switch will do the job, I only live about 4 miles from WD Music, and they list a "Dirtcheap" LP...
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    Squier Custom II (P90s)

    Hi, I've just noticed that the neck pup on my Squier Custom II now only works when it is selected alone, not in the centre position of the three-way switch. I've delved inside whilst changing strings and nothing looks wrong - no loose or detached wires, but beyond a physical inspection I'm...
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    CRATE knobs

    Well, I got a reply from CRATE (US) who put me in touch with the UK distributor, who sent me to the UK service people who only wanted 50% more than I paid for the amp for a set of knobs! Guess that answers that one.
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    CRATE knobs

    Yeah, looks like my best option. Now to track down a decent 'tronics store (already tried Maplins) Thanks anyway
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    CRATE knobs

    I just got me a CRATE TD70 amp off the eBay, and jolly adequate for the money it is too (21GBP). One little niggle, one of the control knobs is missing and a couple of others are showing their age, not a biggie, but, like I say, a niggle. Does anyone know where I can get some knobs for this...
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    Squier® Tele Custom II

    I just took delivery today of a Tele custom II that I got off eBay for 82GBP (165USD). 06 serial number, plastic still on pickguard (though he managed to put one tiny (1/4") scratch in the plate despite that). Other than that she's perfect, blonde with a black plate. I'm still green, but I...
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    famous tele players? I want a list

    Nobody mentioned Rick Parfit and Francis Rossi - QUO They both play teles that look like they've been in a fight - and lost!
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    Not a Tele, but have you ever seen the like?

    Okay, curiosity got the better of me. I bought one. Got it for GBP16 + GBP 17.50 shipping (roughly USD65). If anyone's interested, I'll file a report when it arrives.
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    Not a Tele, but have you ever seen the like?

    On second look, I think you're right, camera angle made 'em look different. Think I'd be tempted to leave 'em off anyway. If bidding stays below 5GBP, (2.50USD), I might risk it out of curiosity. If I could get George Jetson to sign it...
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    Not a Tele, but have you ever seen the like?

    I found this on ebay: and found it hard to believe. Have any of you ever come across this piece of kit? Seems to have four pegs at one end and two at the other and be...
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    Tele Headcount!!!

    2517 + my baby = 2518 Only had her just over 3 weeks, and as this is my first post here she is...