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  1. lespaul74

    Klon(e) with Boss CP-1X compressor noise?

    Has anyone tried the Boss CP-1X with a Klon(e)? Asking because I hear that the Boss boosts the internal voltage to 18 volts, like the Klon charge pump circuit does, so curious if this causes the so-called 'heterodyning' whiny noise that Klons can have with certain pedals, i.e. some Strymon's and...
  2. lespaul74

    Dover Drive vs Golden Cello

    Anyone compare these two? Hear the Golden Cello isn't as good. Saw Eric Johnson has a Dover on his small gig board.
  3. lespaul74

    selling gear on EBay

    Anyone have luck selling gear on EBay or is better? Same fees I think. Hear a lot of horror stories about Ebay buyers. Is Reverb better?