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  1. Underd0gcm

    NGD CV 70's Thinline

    Hello, it is a good guitar has a little flaws in the finish, the nut its a little high, but its a Killer, i like the pups, the neck its nice..i dont try a vm to compare soo.. but i purchased some days ago a starcaster affinity, and has few flaws than the cv,some pics.. so what do yo think. I...
  2. Underd0gcm


    Hi 2 yall over here, be good and safe! In this harsh time. Im a tele lover, and with gas all the time, greetings from spain.
  3. Underd0gcm

    Squier Starcaster Affinity

    Well yesterday arrived, my new starcaster affinity, what do you think?. I can tell that the construction quality its very good, how fender improve that througt the years, i remember when bullets where mic an had a poor QC. This is made in Indonesia, satin finish on neck, narrow tall frets...

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