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  1. EMan

    Sag...or is it really noise?

    Here's a very intersting article on the subject -
  2. EMan

    Does this T-Shirt *fit* any of you?

  3. EMan

    Elitist Goldtop - in the haus!

    There's plenty of reviews out there, so I won't go into all that stuff. However, I'll say that it is a fine guitar in all respects. Well, woth the $1100. Plays great, tons of sustain, excellent workmanship...very well protected from shipping damage, and top quality materials. Sounds...
  4. EMan

    I waited quite a while...

    There may be some here that remember I had made some queries into the Elitist '57 Goldtop, by Epi. Well, I retired this year...after 30 years, and finally ordered one as a retirement gift for myself (good an excuse as any)! They've actually been backordered since November '07...and finally...
  5. EMan

    I'm tired of white!

    I've got got 4 Fenders here..and they ALL have white pickguards. Today, I put a blackguard on my '94 AS Tele....and I love it!
  6. EMan

    Princeton owners, you voltages please.

    If any of you folks happen to have (any) Princeton opened up and a few spare minutes, I'd appreciate some DC votage readings. I'm really interested in the Phase Inverter section, and would like to get the B+ to that tube section, the plate voltage, the cathode voltage, and the voltage at the...
  7. EMan

    Epi Elitist '57 GoldTop LP

    I have one of the "Elite" '63 DOT 335s...I got it about 4 years ago....before they changed to "Elitist". Excellent guitar, and I have absolutely zero issues with it. I bought a Gibson Historic R7 GT with the Braz fretboard (2002), and although the guitar was a fine unit, I hated the way it...
  8. EMan

    Champ owners - Assistance requested!

    I use a sw program, called PSpice that 'models' circuitry. Recently, I found a great site that had some very accurate tube models. Naturally, the first thing I did was 'build' a Champ circuit. There are some limitations, like output transformers, but I think this simulation is working...
  9. EMan

    Uno Hombre' - Texas style wankage

    I used my new Muddy Waters Tele on this one. (Please ignore the person with the microphone....he knows not what he's doing) -
  10. EMan

    Muddy Water Strat?!

    Hey folk. I bought a new MW Tele a few months ago, and really like the sound of this thing. I was wondering if there may be some Strat equivalent sounding model out there....?
  11. EMan

    MW Tele Update

    Just wanted to add a post-'honeymoon' comment about my MW. It's still a pretty dang neat guitar. I play it all the time. Stays in tune, great tone, decent playability. IOW, I'm still very happy with it!
  12. EMan

    Anyone speak Dutch?

    I know we have a few members from the Nederlands here, and need a favor. Could I possibly get this tune's lyrics translated to English? - Would be most greatful!
  13. EMan

    Sorry 'bout this Carlos...

    Here's one that's titled - Black Magic Tele. I can't remember if I put this one up before, if so, sorry for the re-run. I played all the instruments. "sang", and used my '94 AS Tele for the guitar parts, LeafDrums to write the percussion.
  14. EMan

    MW Tele arrived - My thoughts.

    First of, the pick-ups sound great. Not harsh, but have more overall bite than what my AS '94 has. Still full range though. All three switch selections sound great. Excellent sustain. Nice neck...comfortable, and I like the finish. Fret finish is average, there's some sharpness to the...
  15. EMan

    MW Tele pickguard, cheezy?

    What's the general concensus, and potential solutions/replacement options? I saw one on ebay that had an extra screw installed near the bottom of the neck. Thanks!
  16. EMan

    Tie me to a hog, and roll me in the mud...

    Muddy Waters Tele, that is. Some of you may recall from another post that due to a ebay auction gone bad, a seller offered me that guitar for $435 shipped! It's supposed to be bought brand new last Nov, set up at the dealer (Richmond Music Center. VA), and comes with a Fender molded HSC ...
  17. EMan

    Advice/Information needed - Pink Tele

    Don't laugh, but I've always had a thing for those pink paisley Tele's. Fender RI'd these thing a while back for a little bit, and they (apparently) were made in Japan. Price on this one is $595 with a semi-beat up tweed case, and I would like to hear any comments on MIJ Tele's in general...
  18. EMan

    A little mo' funk - all Tele

    Here's my take on another one of the AWB's tunes. I used my trusty '94 Tele, and my new Fender P-Bass -
  19. EMan

    As well, props to Mr. Clapton...

    This started as a light discussion about a tune that a friend's band stopped doing due to some obvious lyrical drug references. My reply was, if you like doing the tune..just change the this -
  20. EMan

    Two tunes - one wah, one funk

    A friend of mine recently sent me a nice wah-wah that he didn't need/want, and I figured I'd see how bad my ear/foot coordination was - This other one I did because I just bought a new MIM P-Bass, and was looking to see what it sounded like on a recording -...
  21. EMan

    CDB, sorta...

    Hey folks, here's my take on an old CDB tune. I sorta mixed it with an old Coral Reefer Band tune. My buddy, Willie is doing the vocalizing - Tele on rhythm and lead, Strat on rhythm.
  22. EMan

    A mellow tune

    Make a long story short, we had to put our little Pekingese to sleep the other day. He was about 17. We got him almost 7 years ago from the city pound, got him heathy again...and he gave us, in return, unmeasurable joy. He never really liked my guitars (too loud?), so I did a nice soft...
  23. EMan

    Not *too* traditional blues

    I was just trying to have a little fun with an old song, and try out a neat little freebie program that's called "Spin Cycle", that emulates (sorta) a Leslie speaker effect (for the synth'd organ). It actually works pretty cool! Used my '94 AS Tele, my PODxt for the guitar and the bass...
  24. EMan

    MadHatter! Beckish backing track

    Sorry it took so long. Had to make another one, as I recorded over the original.
  25. EMan

    ABB - but not a lot of guitar...

    My buddy did such a great job at singing this, I thought I'd just lay back on the wankage.. :)

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