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    New guitar

    I've been having a harder time playing my Dreadnaughts for about a year now, a D-18 Standard and an Epiphone Masterbilt do to a bad shoulder from an old injury so I started looking at smaller guitars. I ended up picking up this Ibanez Artwood vintage series AVC9 000 size acoustic last week for...
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    The Vikings- season three

    Starts tonite , who's watching ?
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    Silverface Super Reverb for $300 bucks...needs some work. If I wasn't broke at the moment I would be all over this. Nevermind listing has been deleted.
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    New Leatherman tool !

    Just got this last week. It's a Leatherman Rebar and one sweet tool. It's about the same size as my original Leatherman but has locking blades. When I was researching which new leatherman to get I came accross this multitool forum MultitoolForum . These guys are as crazy about modifying their...
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    Need a new Printer/Scanner

    Recommendations for a good low budget printer scanner ?
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    For those wondering about Billm

    Just read this on another forum : " For all the fans of Billm Audio who were worried, Bill posted this on his Facebook page yesterday and thought I would share. "I’m celebrating! Back in January, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. My latest MRI scan shows a mere shadow of what was left...
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    Austin City Limits 40th anniv special tonight

    On PBS tonight Austin City Limits 2 hour 40th anniv special. Willie Nelson, Bonnie Rait, Gary Clark Jr. among others....should be good !
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    Caller ID scam ????

    So here is a new one. I get a call last night, I check the caller ID and it shows my name and home phone #. I'm like what the h?ll ? I answer and it's one of those automated check your credit card now for a lower interest rate type calls. How do they get my phone # to show on the caller ID ?
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    Great Young Band "Frogleg"

    These guys are a really great young band. Very talented singer song Writer and gutarists. The lead guitar player is the son of a good friend of mine and he's got a lot going for him at the age of 18. This is a great Dylan cover they did the other night...
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    Computer help

    So, a few days ago my computer started acting up. It is compaq pc running Vista. I got a few blue screens and reboot. Then it started locking up coming out of sleep mode. I have run Malware bytes and no viruses were found . I defragged the drive run a system diagnostic and found nothing...
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    New Sound Underground - Awesome funky acid jazz music

    Some really tight playing from a great Twin Cities based Jazz group. Guitar Player uses a Telecaster. Awesome bass player ! 0DZhKvBat5c#t=695
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    My dog has had two seizures

    My four and a half year old dog Rosie had a seizure last night and another one this morning. She has never had one before and they lasted about a minute. I'm kind of freaking out a bit. I have to wait another hour or so before the vet can see her. She has recovered both times back to it...
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    502 Bad Gateway message

    I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway page on new posts in all the forums I've tried this morning.
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    RCA tubes back in production

    It seems someone bought the old plant in Nevada and will be producing tubes again.
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    Speaker storage ?

    I have a couple extra speakers and I'm wondering what is the best position to store them in or does it matter ? I have them in boxes cone side up at the moment.
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    Pre Olympics Dog poisoning

    This is really messed up. So they have a huge problem with stray/feral dogs in Sochi so instead of dealing with it in a humane way like any other civilized city they let the problem get out of control and resort to putting out poison to try and deal with it before the Olympics...
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    Don't see one of these everyday :shock:
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    woodworking question ( Lathe)

    Our dining room table and chairs have legs similar to these in the picture, I've always wondered how they are turned on a lathe but yet have flat areas that follow the turned parts. Anyone know how is this done ?
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    Fender Super Twin

    Holy cow six 6L6's ...........betcha that would peal some paint. Only $350
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    Any fans of Pit Bulls and Paroles tv show

    Any fans of the show ? I think they do amazing work and my hats of to them for what they do.
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    60's Fender 2x8 cabinet

    What the is this from originally or is homemade ?
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    Fender Vaporizer demo

  23. ASC67

    Merry Christmas ( pet pics show em if you got em' )

    From Rosie and I to all of you ! Lets see those holiday pics
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    More owl !

    Owls seem to be popular these days, saw this guy the other morning on my walk. Not up to Bones standard of photography but the best I can do with my little powershot. I'm pretty sure it's a Barred owl, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Herbie Hancock w/Tedeschi Trucks Band - Space Captain = Wow !

    With Tedeschi Trucks Band QkzLatem0VY