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  1. Muddyshoes

    "The Sweet Spot"

    I'm referencing the best tone I get from my Acoustic guitars in relation to humidity. I keep my music room / man cave between 40 to 45% humidity, I can tell when the room is closer to 40 VS 45% the guitars are so responsive and seem to resonate better. I don't ever let it drop below 38% without...
  2. Muddyshoes

    Fingernail Maintenance

    The question I have to all is, how offed do you have to file your fingernails to feel that they are at their playing optimal? For myself I like to file them about every three to four days. My index finger seems to be my barometer, I feel that one first out of all the others if it's a touch to...
  3. Muddyshoes

    Practicing with a Metronome

    Well, I thought it might be a good idea to check how well I was keep time these days seeing I just be pickin and grinnin by myself. AND, looks as though I have been getting a little ahead of the beat mid way through a couple of songs. So now we will do some tightening up play along with my...
  4. Muddyshoes

    1 3/4 nut spacing VS 1 11/16

    So I play all of my music on acoustic guitars these days and the nut width on all but one is 1 11/16 and I have 15 of them But about a year ago or so I bought a Martin D -28 Marquis with a 1 3/4 nut width and I just love the little wiggle room I have for my fingers. Now I know it really...
  5. Muddyshoes

    Any fans of the MIJ acoustics from the 70s to mid 80s

    Do to Neil Young I really got into playing acoustic guitar, not being able to afford a Martin D-28 at the time I was looking at the MIJ dreadnoughts, I was looking at all the most well known names when the salesclerk handed me a Hohner HG-920 Arbor series guitar. Well I couldn't believe how good...
  6. Muddyshoes

    What string gauge do you like to use on your acoustics

    For as long as I can remember I played lights, but the last guitar I purchased came with mediums and after playing those strings to end of there life span I put on a set of lights. Now the reason I put lights on that guitars is I bought stings in bulk last time around. The guitar still sounded...