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  1. imac

    Fender Twisted Tele bridge pickup or Fred Stuart Blackguard in a Nocaster?

    I realize these are very different, but have any of you all had experience with both and have a preference? Thanks for your help. - Ian
  2. imac

    Do I have Abigail Ybarra pickups in my 2001 Nocaster?

    All, I have a 2001 Nocaster. Love it! I was reading on this site that Abigail Ybarra wound the pickups on the early Nocsters. Can I assume mine were wound by her? Do I need to pull the pickups to verify? BTW, pickups sound phenomenal.
  3. imac

    Spoke with Fred Stuart today!

    I was an active (very active) member member of the old TDP. I am still a big Tele lover and mostly lurk on this site. I own a 2001 Nocaster Relic which I am crazy about. A couple weeks ago I bought a 2014 Fred Stuart "Tele". This is a rare and exceptional guitar. Anyway, I reached out to Fred to...
  4. imac

    Anyone ever heard of Time Machine Nocasters having a "pancake" body?

    While searching old posts I came across this, "I have an under 100 SN "Cunetto". It's the best Tele I've ever played (well, there was this one Lentz... :D ). Anyhoo, it's a super guitar. I prefer the specs of these although I wish the neck profile was halfway in between this one and the Time...
  5. imac

    Pickups in 2001 Nocaster

    What type of pickups would be in a 2001 Nocaster? The hotter 10k bridge or lower 7+ bridge? Thanks.
  6. imac

    Barden Modern bridge pickup or Dimarzio Pre B1?

    What sez you? I'm leaning towards PreB1...
  7. imac

    Disregarding price, Barden Neck Pickup or DiMarzio Twang King Neck and why?

    I want to switch out my Tele neck pickup and have narrowed it down to Barden neck pickup and DiMarzio Twang King neck pickup. Which would you choose and why? Thanks.
  8. imac

    If a Tele had a neck date of say April 4, 2015. How long after that date...

    do you think the guitar would be available for purchase? Thanks.
  9. imac

    Tonepros TPKF6B Users - Ever have issues with post height?

    I measured the height of the posts on the Tonepros TPKF6B and they are taller than the Ping or Gotoh (which are the same). Has anyone ever had tuning issues with them because of this on their Teles?
  10. imac

    Nashville tuners question

    All, I have a 2002 Nashville MIM Nashville Tele and want to change out the tuners (purely for cosmetic reasons - nickel to chrome. I bought a set of Tonepros TPKF6B-C and they were too big (reportedly they are 10 mm), so I bought a set of Gotoh tuners from Warmoth (the website states they are...
  11. imac

    Springsteen rocks Raleigh, NC!

    Took my 13 yo son to see Bruce and the E. Street Band last night. Great, great show! In some ways as good as the River tour back in the 80's, and maybe better than the show in Charlotte, NC, in maybe 1999??? Bruce seems looser in his advanced years... actually let the crowd "surf" him around...
  12. imac

    What would you do?

    Okay, I am a very long time member (since 1996 or so), and recently corresponded with Paul Green to say I realized the primary reason I have not participated on the board much since 2002 or so is because alot of what I did back in the early days was ask questions and futz around with teles...
  13. imac

    Bardens through a Victoria 5112

    All, would I get much natural overdrive (power tube) running a Barden equipped Tele straight into a Victoria 5112 (basically a tweed Champ in a tweed Deluxe box with a twelve inch speaker). How would this overdrive compare with a Les Paul Junior overdrive tone? Would the Bardens be unbearably...
  14. imac

    What's the cheapest way to ship a guitar to Spain from US?

    Hey, anyone out there know the cheapest way to ship a guitar to Spain from the United States? If so, would you please give me any advice you have? Thanks alot. - Ian
  15. imac

    Can I overspray a polyester finish?

    Hi all! Can I overspray a polyester finish on a Fender MIM Telecaster with polyester spray paint? If yes, what products do you recommend. Thanks in advance. - Ian McMillan

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