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  1. Wooly Fox

    Can You Hear a Difference?

    Saw this on YouTube before it was taken down. Was able to listen through the home theater speakers so easier to get into the difference. Strat was the thinnest to my ear. The LP and Esquire didn't sound too different being bridge pickups and bright. Didn't like the Novo. The Casino was the...
  2. Wooly Fox

    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    I don't usually like relics but that is something else! I would like mine in Olympic White or Sherwood Green...
  3. Wooly Fox

    Ibanez AF95FM-AYS vs Gibson L4 Ces - Jazz Guitars Comparison

    One day I'll get one of the Japanese made Ibanez hollow bodies, they just do something for me that the Gibsons hollows don't at that price point.
  4. Wooly Fox

    PRS is teasing an SE version of the Silver sky!

    If I wanted another Strat like guitar, I would definitely consider this with a Sterling Cutlass or G&L Tribute S-500 if the price was right. I do have a thing for roasted maple necks...
  5. Wooly Fox

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    Gives me some confidence all my gear will turn up in one piece! My tube amp has a switch to change from 240V to 110V so no need for an external transformer.
  6. Wooly Fox

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    Still no visa today, rescheduled my flights but hopefully I'll not need to wait too much longer for it. Still less time to wait in Canada for my guitars!
  7. Wooly Fox

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    Packers have been, packed it all and gone in just over an hour. All my gear is in a van destined for container shipment next week. I already miss my guitars
  8. Wooly Fox

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    Using an international moving agent, all fully insured for the guitar gear and electronics (full tower pc and 43" pc monitor I use for work). Mostly shipping stuff I cannot get on a plane. Need my visa soon or it may arrive before I do!
  9. Wooly Fox

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    So the time has come to pack my guitars up to be shipped from the UK to Vancouver BC. Below is a photo and list of the guitars, amps and stuff I am taking with me and more of a record for me in case it all goes missing (or sunk) before I see them again. I could have sold it all and bought new...
  10. Wooly Fox

    And now the electric Chevy Silverado

    Having been able to travel in and drive an electric car (Honda e which you cannot get in the US), I do see a place for the electric battery car. It isn't long distance haulage and work trucks, it's small urban cars. Instant torque, ridiculous tight turning circle and no wing mirrors makes it the...
  11. Wooly Fox

    "lunchbox" amp options

    Victory Duchess DP40 or Sheriff would work nicely if you can stretch that far. Orange Tiny Terror for a more reasonable price.
  12. Wooly Fox

    Easy Jazz Chords

    I have two Ted Greene books on jazz chords and progressions. It is daunting to look at but they contain every chord you want and not necessarily need to learn. The main lesson from them for me is how to work out what chords you need to complement the melody line most completely. Also have...
  13. Wooly Fox

    Just for fun, let's play "Rate or roast my rig"

    Minis points for lack of Telecaster
  14. Wooly Fox

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    JHS Morning Glory for the Blues Driver, never really been into TS pedals (Telecaster defo doesn't need more Mids!)
  15. Wooly Fox

    Hello, from a new Tele owner!

    Hello from South East England, Cracking looking Telecaster that in rosewood. Hope it plays as well as it looks!
  16. Wooly Fox

    Tricked out MIM vs Stock MIA

    I think modding guitars for kicks vs modding to overcome faults/dislikes is what's at play here. To modify is to except my mods will not always make a guitar better to play/sound better. The MIA will likely be fine out of the box and any mods will be for taste like swapping out the bridge for...
  17. Wooly Fox

    New headphones for monitoring/playback

    The Austrian Audio hi-x65 arrived Tuesday and I've used them for a day or so now. Very nice headphones and well made. More comfortable than the Grado thanks to the memory foam padding (also velcroed on so easy to replace when needed). Sound wise, haven't needed to do any tracking but for guitar...
  18. Wooly Fox

    Any Righties Tried Paying A Lefty (or vice versa)?

    I'm a lefty that plays right handed as it's just easier for me. I was taught in school not to use my left hand as my dominant, was even forced to write right handed until I moved schools in 2nd grade...
  19. Wooly Fox

    First-Time, Long-Time

    That's a good looking guitar, welcome aboard!
  20. Wooly Fox

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    I watched a few documentary videos on NASCAR history a while ago, a guy called Slapshoes, who covered all the controversies in NASCAR and how NASCAR chopped and changed the championship as they wanted. Talladega opening is a good example of the madness of the organisers to put on a show, using...
  21. Wooly Fox

    First gig with Quilter Overdrive 202

    Want to use my Quilter Tone Block 202 as the wet amp in a wet-dry rig, should easily keep up and can go full wet if I need to be even louder and have no PA.
  22. Wooly Fox

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    Having watched it live yesterday and had a night to let it settle (was disappointed with the result as a Hamilton fan), I do think Liberty and the FIA were creating spectacle for an otherwise uninteresting track and race. I have followed F1 since I was old enough to remember watching TV (1996...
  23. Wooly Fox

    New headphones for monitoring/playback

    But I like the shiny shiny... Based on some research, I ordered a pair of Austrian Audio hi-x65 . They're a new open back headphone and seem to have reviewed well. I know Mick at TPS uses their microphones for the cab recording so I imagine the headphones will be as good (looks like the company...
  24. Wooly Fox

    New headphones for monitoring/playback

    So my trusty Grado SR125s finally bit the dust yesterday (left headphone cable snapped, fatigue failure). 6 years of service which is pretty good considering their old school construction. Have repaired them previously when the ear cup plastic broke when dropped so I fell I have got my monies...
  25. Wooly Fox

    The old man finally made an appearance

    I wish we got snow like this in South East England. All we get is wind and mud!