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  1. sjohnbruton

    Vacation-Inspired Beachcaster

    Nice work! That's a beautiful quilt.
  2. sjohnbruton

    Stille Nacht mein Du

    Merry Christmas, Dave! I'm so thankful you're doing well. "Peace through Music" is a wonderful idea!!
  3. sjohnbruton

    Carved Top Chambered 'Venture Sonic' Body

    Nice lookin' work and a great design! Good luck, sir.
  4. sjohnbruton

    Crazydave911 friends, please notice.

    Too true Nosmo. Dave is one of the reasons I got involved in the Tele Home Depot. He is definitely one of the good guys that show just how special this community can be. Prayers for you and your family, Dave! And thank you Rich for putting the word out!
  5. sjohnbruton

    Jazzmaster Dragon Fabric

    Hell yeah!! Beautiful work. Please share your build process?
  6. sjohnbruton

    2020 Brotherhood Z

    I've always loved the look of the big Z guitars! When do we get to see your design for the engraving? ;) Good luck!
  7. sjohnbruton

    erix 2020 Brotherhood Build - Cosmic Coincidence

    Dang...! Wood envy is REAL. Great plan and good luck!
  8. sjohnbruton

    DesmoDog's 2020 Brotherhood Build - Jaguar Lite

    I like the plan! I've long been planning a stripped down Jazzmaster... Good luck and Godspeed, sir!
  9. sjohnbruton

    RatBug's 2020 Brotherhood Build - My 1994 Dream.

    Sounds great RatBug! I'll be watching, good luck!
  10. sjohnbruton

    Crazydave's 2020 Brotherhood Build-51 Subsonic P Bass

    Give 'em hell Dave! Great idea and good luck with the build!
  11. sjohnbruton

    Using the "dental floss" method — Does this look right to you?

    It’s been a while since the question was asked, but I would not redrill anything until you put it all together and (if necessary) do the tweaks suggested by Master Kirn and others. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be... If it looks wonky after those tweaks, then fix the holes...
  12. sjohnbruton

    Semi-Hollow Carve Top

    Wow! Very nicely done! Subscribed and looking forward to watching this develop! John
  13. sjohnbruton

    V3xplorer Build

    Very cool! Keep up the great work! John
  14. sjohnbruton

    Rebuilding a '65 SG

    Tigger, I just read this entire thread, making me (willingly) late for work! Great job, keep up the good work! Subscribed! John
  15. sjohnbruton

    1960s Hippiecaster

    Wow! That looks really beautiful! I love the matte look with that color. Will the hemp oil “gloss it up” at all? John
  16. sjohnbruton

    That thing we all hope for...

    Congratulations! And welcome back, sir! John
  17. sjohnbruton

    Danelectro style Tele Build

    Cool! You are very welcome. I love the idea of a Jazzmaster/ Dano! I’d like to see a thread on that one... What color are you thinking of? John
  18. sjohnbruton

    Toggle vs Slide Switch

    I prefer the toggle. The lever switch works for me, too, but for ease of installation, aesthetics, and playability, I personally like a good quality toggle. Tradition be damned! John
  19. sjohnbruton

    Danelectro-style Jupiter Drophorn

    +1!! Very Cool! Nice work, bro! John
  20. sjohnbruton


    Damn. Still praying here, too. John
  21. sjohnbruton

    New acoustic idea - thoughts??

    I like your concept. It looks really cool to my eye! Your eye is the one to convince, though. Right? One thing I will suggest, however, is a tone port! I cannot say enough about how much better they make the player's experience of a guitar. REALLY worth it! John
  22. sjohnbruton

    The "Maycaster"

    Very nice, sir! Well done. What is "Greg Fryer's on/off mod?" I am considering a three pup setup with mini switches and would love to know. Also, what schematic did you use for the wiring? John