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  1. chipbutty24

    It’s been awhile...

    Just stopped by to say it’s still the best! ;)
  2. chipbutty24

    Milk Paint Telemaster Completed

    Completed so I thought I'd post the pics. Turned out pretty much as I'd envisioned. Sounds great but still tweaking the setup. Pickup height affect the sound alot. Wired with the cocked wah wiring. Enjoy! [/URL
  3. chipbutty24

    Help! I have a crack!

    Finished painting and sanding and was applying sealer and this appeared... It's a brand new Warmoth body. What should I do? I tried sanding and the crack remains.
  4. chipbutty24

    Fastback Esquire Project

    Time to start a new "build". Got the body and PG today from Warmoth. Found I already had a neck plate and control plate in the bin. Not quite going relic per se but definitely kind of a rustic look. Will be painting the body with grey-green milk paint. Have an Allparts neck on the way...
  5. chipbutty24

    Best bang for buck tele neck?

    Been awhile but time for a new project. Making a Telemaster esquire using a Warmoth Jazzcaster body. Wondering what the best neck would be bang for buck-wise. Not looking to go super cheap like Mighty Mite but proper Fender neck prices are insane. Trying to maintain a modest budget for this...
  6. chipbutty24

    NGD Les Paul Gold Top

    Picked this up today at L&M. First LP (had an Agile once). Loving this guitar! I'm typically a Fender guy but you gotta have an LP right? I tried the faded Studio, the Traditional, regular Studio and the Tribute. L&M also had these interesting "exclusive" to them Classics with 4 knobs and...
  7. chipbutty24

    NGD AV65 Jag

    Got this yesterday and it's pretty freakin' awesome! My fifth attempt at Jaguarness. This one may be a keeper! Here she is with my other 3.
  8. chipbutty24

    Still the best guitar ever!

    Just checking in and yes this is still the best guitar ever! I defy you to challenge this claim with pics of your own monster machine!!
  9. chipbutty24

    Tasteful eBay Notice

    Clearing out some gear Warmoth La Cab Gibson USA SG Warmoth Jazzmaster Body Lollar P90s...
  10. chipbutty24

    SOLD - Quick eBay notice - Fender Jaguar

    Selling my Thin Skin Fiesta Red Jaguar Thanks!
  11. chipbutty24

    Thinking about going to just one guitar...

    Anyone ever sold off all but one? How'd it work out? Dunno why but feel the need to simplify. I don't play much so most of my guitars just sit in cases but I feel I'd regret it. Maybe I'm just bored. Do you really need more than this...
  12. chipbutty24

    12 String TOM

    So I decided I wanted to convert my old Warmoth to a 12 string but it has a TOM bridge. After scouring the internet and eBay I decided to take a chance on this bridge. Got it today and fits exactly in place of the old Gotoh 6 string. Very happy. Was about $40 all in and is made by the same...
  13. chipbutty24

    CS Tort Tele

    I actually don't hate this. Kinda neat is a weird way. Can't wait for the Squier version!
  14. chipbutty24

    What do ya make of this monstrosity from the CS?

    Diff'rent strokes and all that but jeez...and a hefty price tag ta boot! Personally it has nothing that I love about an Esquire except a single pickup and even that's stretching it...
  15. chipbutty24

    NGD Gibson SG Standard!!

    Well today I traded an MIJ Tele for a 2012 SG Standard. I've never had, never ever played a Gibson before. I had an Epi Les Paul years ago and an Agile AL3000 more recently. Both guitars were good, the Agile was actually a pretty spectacular instrument but both I found to be way too heavy...
  16. chipbutty24

    Jake Bugg

    Not sure what y'all think of this young man but I for one am glad to see a bit of raw, unmassaged talent in the top 40. We need more of this and less One Direction/Bieber/Kanye/Nickelback-ness. Seems quite Dylan-y with a dash of Oasis. Some nice pickin' on our fave git ta boot! Fy2lshzMwPM
  17. chipbutty24

    Has anyone put a Warmoth pickguard on an MIJ Tele?

    Has anyone put a Warmoth pickguard on an MIJ Tele? What was your experience as far as fit goes? Thanks in advance.
  18. chipbutty24

    Where did Mark Davis go?

    First off, not to be insensitive if there are any sad circumstances but I've noticed a distinct lack of posts from Mark Davis. Anyone know where he's gone? He was a major contibutor here and seems to have dropped off of TDPRI.
  19. chipbutty24

    Anyone Esquired a stock MIJ?

    Wondering if I should just rewire as is or change everthing out (pots, switch, pup, etc). With just two caps I could wire per the Eldred mod and be done with it. Or I could swap out everything the benefit being it would be easy to return to stock. Anyone have any experience in this regard?
  20. chipbutty24

    Comparison: TL62B vs. Thin Skin 62RI

    I received my new MIJ Tele today. I'll be changing it over to an Esquire but first I thought I'd compare them for anyone who's interested. Many people ask if Japanese Fender guitars are a good buy; are they close in quality to MIAs. The price gap between the two can be substantial so, since...
  21. chipbutty24

    NGD!! MIJ Ice Blue Metallic 62!

    Picked this beauty up brand new from Ishibashi. Japan to Canada in 3 days. Bar none the best packaging job I've ever seen. Decent setup out of the box. Beautiful finish with lovely binding. Very similar to my MIA Thinskin 62RI terms of feel and weight. Vintage frets though as opposed to...
  22. chipbutty24

    Gonna buy a new MIJ Tele but which color?

    I plan on purchasing a new TL62B from Ishibashi and Esquire'ing it but can't decide on color. Which would you pick?
  23. chipbutty24

    iStomp Pedals now Free!

    Not sure why but free is awesome!
  24. chipbutty24

    Attn iStomp owners. All pedals are now Free!!!

    Not sure why but free is awesome!
  25. chipbutty24

    Japan vs USA

    Checking prices on eBay for Japanese and US Teles. Thinking about doing an Esquire. Prices on avg seem about same or even higher for MIJ/CIJ. WTH is up with that??

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