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  1. jazzjoker

    Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Hi, I own a 1971 SF Deluxe Reverb. Did anybody install a vintage P12N in this amp (or the BF model) ? I tried a P12Q already but it cannot handle the punch of the amp. Thanks in advance !
  2. jazzjoker

    body wood vs tone

    Hi, I have put together a couple of Teles and sometimes it became obvious that one singular Tele did not sound as good as others but thinner and les harmonically rich. I recently made such a new experience with two Teles which are almost identical: same necks, same pups, same hardware in...
  3. jazzjoker

    Deluxe Reverb Reissue vs. Silver Face

    Vintage Jensen power ratings Hi, I heard some quite different power ratings for vintage Jensen speakers (concert series; P12 series and P15 series): a P12Q seems to be given some 25 W and a P12N even some 50 W (the P12P somewhere in between). On the other hand I heard a couple of times that...
  4. jazzjoker

    Tweed Twin vs Tweed Pro

    Hi guys, I have a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe I'm very happy with but I want to have an amp which is a bit bigger in tone - with 6L6 tubes. Does anybody now the difference in tone between a low power tweed Twin and and a tweed Pro? Thanls in advance.
  5. jazzjoker

    Marshall JTM30

    Hi, does anybody know if the Marshall JTM30 is point-to-point handwired or equipped with a PCB ? Thanks
  6. jazzjoker

    Bandmaster vs Twin

    Hi everybody, does anybody know the difference between a Tweed Bandmaster and a Tweed Twin (low power version), in particular regarding the tone, dynamics and breakup ? I use so far a Tweed Deluxe I'm very happy with but I am looking for an amp which offers a basically the same warm sound...
  7. jazzjoker

    6L6 in SF Deluxe Reverb

    Hi, did anybody experience 6L6 tubes in a SF Deluxe Reverb (BF circuit however). Is it possible to run the amp with those tubes without damaging it and how does it affect tone ? Shall bias be reajusted at the usual lvel of say 420v on the plates ? Thanks in advance.
  8. jazzjoker

    Lindy Fralin Blues Special

    Hi, refering to my earlier post, what are your experiences with the Lindy Fralin Blues Special in the neck postion ? I checked out some forums and some people were complaining about a lot of hum in the in-between position. I am looking for a replacement pup for one of my Teles, with a...
  9. jazzjoker

    Tele Neck Pups

    I'll check it out - thanx for sharing your experience ! I never heard of them ! Best regards Olaf
  10. jazzjoker

    Tele Neck Pups

    Hi Steve, that sounds great ! what do you use as an amp ?!
  11. jazzjoker

    Tele Neck Pups

    Hi, I play exclusively Teles, totally customized with necks from Warmoth and USA Custom, Callaham bridges - you know the stuff. Concerning pick-ups, my Teles are Strat-style wired with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity (Surfer) in the middle position and .... Harmonic Design pups (vintage plus and...
  12. jazzjoker

    Lovepedal Amp 50

    Hi, I did anyone experience pedals from Lovepdals ? I'm playing Teles thru Tweed Deluxe, SF DR and SF SR; I own a Keeley modded TS9 and a Boss Blues Driver 2. However, the best tone (for Blues) I can get is with one of the amps just cranked up. How do the COT50 / AMP50 (are these 2...
  13. jazzjoker

    Body wood and weight

    Hi, I play two Teles: one in (light) swamp ash and one in (quite heavy) alder; the sound of the former is brighter with a bit more pop, the sound of the latter is rounder and fuller. So far with the "classics". However, I feel more confortable with the heavier alder body and wanna buy a...
  14. jazzjoker

    Tweed Deluxe vs Marshall

    Thanks - this input is really helpful !!
  15. jazzjoker

    Tweed Deluxe vs Marshall

    Hi, I love my Tweed Deluxe but I am also becoming more interested in the Marshall sound. Two questions I would be happy to get your advice upon: 1. Do they really sound different - and if so, where's the difference soundwie ? 2. What are the differences between the Bluesbraker and the...
  16. jazzjoker

    Twin Reverb Vs. Deluxe Reverb

    Smith 10w amp That's a little tone monster ! Can you send me more info and your mail ? Best regards Olaf
  17. jazzjoker

    Robin Trower Signature Sound

    Hi everybody, I just discovered Robin Trowers album "Another Days Blues and this brought me back (again) to the 70ties. Great fat sound. So far I am playing Teles thru vintage Fender amps - do you have any idea how to come close to the sound of Robin Trower ? I know that he uses a Strat and...
  18. jazzjoker

    The big fat sound

    Hi everybody, I do not really know where to post this message, because it's all about pups and amps. I'm playin Tele only because it's a love affair; I just discovered Robin Trowers album "Another Days Blues and this brought me back (again) to the 70ties. Great fat sound. Just, so far I'm...
  19. jazzjoker

    Strat Pups for Tele

    Hi, does anybody already use Strat Pups in a Tele , in particular in the neck position ? They do not seem to fit as the distance between the pole pieces is not the same as for a Tele... Thanks for sharing your experience.
  20. jazzjoker

    Hot Pick-Ups

    Hi everybody, I'm so far using rather classic pick-ups for my Teles in terms of output. However, I recently watched the video of Swing guitars ( and this sounds awesome good. Besides the fact that the guy is using neck-thru design...
  21. jazzjoker

    Jazz on Tele

    Hi, did you already use your Tele for playing Jazz ? How do you get the classical mellow jazz sound on a Tele say of Jimmy Raney ? Any mods concerning bodies, strings, bridge or pick-ups ? I would appreciate sharing your experience. Best regards
  22. jazzjoker

    Tele Replacement Body

    Hi, did anybody experience replacement bodies from Allparts for your Teles ? I am looking for body in alder as shown under,Product.asp Thanks in advance for your advice !
  23. jazzjoker


    Hi guys, does anybody know a 10" replacement speaker for a SF Vibrochamp which fits into the cabinet and which comes with 4 ohms ? Best regards
  24. jazzjoker

    Jensen P12P

    Hi, does anybody know the power rating and tonal caracteristics (compared to the more known P12Q and P12N) of a vintage Jensen P12P speaker ? Thanks in advance.
  25. jazzjoker

    Portable Amp

    Hi, I usually play vintage Fender amps; however, sometimes when I am travelling or practicising at late night, I am looking for a small portable amp (obviously a transistor amp). I play blues, so I am just looking for a warm clean sound with a little extra kick and not necessairly distortion...