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    Hi, can anyone tell me if the patent no. on the headstock decal on a 74 Tele standard matches the no. engraved on the bridge plate. Thanks
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    Anyone use a fake name?

    Wondering if anyone else use's a fake name when you give your name to the hostess at a fancy restaurant. Depending on the age of the host or hostess I like using David Gilmour or something like George Castanza . Any one else, does goofy things like that.
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    Need a bridge pup for a 74 Tele

    Hi, I recently picked up by 74 Tele minus the bridge pickup I am planning. On selling it down road. I need some help on what pickup I should install on it, I wish I could put a period pu but the few I've found are north of 300$ so I'm wondering about a reissue. Any body have any...
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    need a bridge

    I'm aI yearHoffIHIIHi, I am a year off, but i need a bridge for a 74 tele I just bought. the previous owner decided to put a humbucker in the bridge position. if any one could help me find one I would really appreciate it. Thanks Robert100_4390 by robert p posted Feb 17, 2017 at 7:02 PM100_4390...
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    vintage bridge search

    Hi, I am searching for a mid seventies bridge for a tele I just purchased. If any one could help me out, it would really be appreciated. Thanks Robert
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    bridge over pick guard

    I am redoing a tele with a hip shot hard tail bridge I have ordered a pear p.g. it is .090 thick does anyone think i am going to lose any tonal value by not attaching the bridge directly to the body for some reason with the bridge on top of the p,g the neck is in a perfect position thanks for...
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    grounding problem

    I am doing a tele rebuild i replaced the bridge with a strat style hard tail i have to mount the bridge on top of the pick guard,so i can not get a ground between the bridge and the body. any one have any ideas thanks, Robert P