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    is it normal for an amp to make noise when jumped?

    so i have this 5e3 and i heard good things about placing a patch cable from normal 2 to bright 1 (or vice versa) but when i do this i notice a lot more noise/hum i already tried 5 different cables, is it normal for this amp to do this or is there something wrong with my amp?
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    aby box with 2 inputs and 6 outputs

    i've got an 5e3 clone and a plexi clone (1 input) and a tele and a les paul. i want to switch between bright 1, normal 1, bright 2, normal 2, normal 1 jumped to bright 1 and the plexi clone and i also want to be able to switch between the tele and the les paul. IS this possible?
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    any leftanded road worn tele's coming out?

    i played a road worn 50's tele and it was awesome (besides the relic) but the thin laquer is amazing and the aged neck to, but not available lefthanded:confused: is fender planning on doing so?
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    japanese fenders?

    are these real? they look nice especialy these two
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    weber or tone tubby

    isa there any noticible difference between the 2?
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    wich guitar is this? i saw this guitar on the dutch version of the voice, believe me i wasn't watching but my little sister was and suddenly i heard summer of '69 and the tone was killer, so are the looks. does anybody know...
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    could you recommend a speaker?

    i'll get my 5e3 in about 3-4 weeks (it's going through a powerscaling treatment) but i only need a speaker wich would fit my needs best? what i'm looking for: mellow highs, thick mids but no overpowered mids, thight fat bass but really not too farty. i'll mostly be running it with the...
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    ceriatone 5x3

    i found this tweed deluxe...
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    5e3 ratling noise

    i might buy an 5e3 but the seller says that the first ten minutes its on it makes a rattling noise when you play:confused: what can this be and is this an easy to fix problem?
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    sligo amps

    has anyone ever heard of sligo amps, especially their 5e3('s)?
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    i found this 1955 tweed deluxe is it better than a mission 5e3 replica?
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    5e3 pre assembled

    i'm looking for a 5e3 but it has to be pre assembled because i'm 14 years old and my father thinks it's not a smart idea to do it myself/ourselfves :mad:, but i don't know wich amp would be the best since i can't try them out, so if you guys could name the best sounding/quality amp builder that...
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    foo fighters - walk

    i realy like the sound chris shifflet (the guy with the white 72 deluxe) gets at 1:33, not one of the other two guitarists but only his sound, does anybody know what gear he uses besides his warmoth 72 deluxe? thanks
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    my telecaster i believe has steel saddles (or alluminium), at least it's not brass, i'm wondering is there a sound difference between brass vs others? if so wich brand makes the best saddles?
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    1978 ac30

    i saw an ac 30 from 1978 at my local musicstore but i wanna know is it any better than a new one
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    has anybody hear ever heard about rumplestiltskin pups? how do they compare to ocduff?
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    has anybody here ever heard of ocduff? are they good? which set would you guys recomend for a slighty warmer sound with more body. alnico 3 would be really cool
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    keystones or don0casters

    wich set do you prefer (or something better with a3 magnets) btw if i took the don0casters how much would a s telly affect the middle position
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    tele wiring

    i know that for a good middle position sound you'll ned a dark/muddy neck pup, but then the neck on it's own sounds way to dark/muddy (duh). is there a way i can put in a keystone pickup set (maybe even an s telly neck), then put in a 4 way switch, and than wire the fourth position like this...
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    bill lawrence keystone magnet

    does anybody know which magnets are in the keystone pups
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    too bright bridge pickup

    my bridge pickup is really bright and i tried different pickup heights, so are there any pickups that sound a little warmer than a traditional tele pickup? (what i am using know is kinda no name)
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    are there pickup covers without tone loss?
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    wich tele neck pickup

    i´m kinda new to tele´s but i found that the middle position sounds amazing but that the neck pickup on it´s own is a bit muddy, if i change the neck pickup to a clearer one (twisted tele or something) will the middle position sound the same? if it does are there any pickup builders that make...