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  1. UjwalB

    My original design guitar. Pls let me know what you think

    Greetings! I have just finished my original guitar design and wanted to share. I appreciate any suggestions and I hope to improve on it in future builds. As a big fan of Leo Fender, one of the main design consideration was to simplify the shape so that i could minimise having to sand inside...
  2. UjwalB

    Reclicing a perfect finish vs substandard finished guitar.

    I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube where people go to great lengths to finish a guitar body, then they spend hours sanding and polishing it to perfection and then they relic it. But why be so meticulous during the painting and polishing stage if its going to be reclic'd anyway? The way...
  3. UjwalB

    Lockdown Strat build completed

    Just finished a strat build in the lockdown. (we are still in lockdown in Sydney) I used Tasmanian Blackwood for the body, Mightymite neck(compound radius), old fender japan trem bridge, Wilkinson SSH loaded pickguard and Planet waves self trimming locking tuners and finished in duplicolor...
  4. UjwalB

    Aucostasonic style guitar build?

    I like the idea of the new "Aucostasonic". I think the name is really awful but it looks like a really nice instrument with lots of great ideas and features. I have just started a new tele body. I just finished cutting it on bandsaw today but i had a thought about doing something non-standard...
  5. UjwalB

    Building my first Telecaster.

    Hi, I have just started working on a telecaster guitar with Australian Red Cedar and Silver Ash(?)....very plain yellowish wood which I have been told is called Silver Ash. The woods were reclaimed woods, at least a decade or two old by the way they looked. I had made two "tops" but since I...