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    Best pot/cap combo for a single filtertron.

    I've modded a fender duo Sonic for a single filtertron in the bridge position. The core tone is awesome, but my only issue is that either tone seems to have a very uneven taper. I hear very little rolloff as I turn the knob, and then all the change occurs right at the end. Probably around 3 to 1...
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    Is there a really great 5w clean platform?

    Like many people, ive been going quieter and quieter with my amp choices. My main clean platform is a 68 custom Princeton Reverb. Sounds great, but even at 12w, with the baby napping down the hall... I could stand something lower volume. I recently picked up a Rickenbacker m-8. It's four watts...
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    NPD: The best fuzzface I've ever played.

    A few weeks ago, I posted a thread looking for a fuzzface. Despite a lot of negative and unhelpful feedback, I was found by one member of the forum by the name of Yann, who offered to build me one. Yann builds under the moniker of "Body and Soul Instruments". I've never played an original...
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    Can anyone recommend a fuzzface from a minority owned company?

    (Note: I have chosen my words very carefully to not get this post deleted in the grounds of it being "political". I'm not looking for opinions on why I am looking for what I'm looking for. Thanks.) I used to have a fulltone 69, but I found some things out about the man behind the company, and...
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    Anyone had their DMM modded by Analogman?

    I just snagged a Deluxe Memory Man XO for a good price (by today's standards.) And I may likely send it to analogman for modification. His site offers a to swap out the stock chips for a set of NOS japanese MN3008s chips. Has anyone had this mod done, and can you tell me what the results are...
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    NAD Rickenbacker M-8

    Like an idiot, I sold my silverface vibro champ a few years ago. I thought my 68 custom PRRI would fully replace it. Since then, I've been wishing I had something that recorded a little better at high gain. Something that can distort without creating problematic artifacts in the chain. I...
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    NGD Fender Duo Sonic w. TV Jones Classic

    Just got this a few weeks ago, and slapped an old TV Classic in the bridge in place of the stock humbucker. The stock bucker didn't suck, BTW. Also, coil tapping was a nice feature. But I'd been missing the sound of filtertrons, so I gave it a go. Having tried it, I'm a bit surprised...
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    Is my speaker damaged?

    I've got a weber 12A125A that I use with my 68 custom princeton reverb through an external cab. Sitting in the room with it, it's a match made in heaven. At 20 watts, the speaker breaks up perfectly, and the alnico magnet gives the PRRI just the right amount of tweedish tone. But yesterday I...
  9. J

    Danelectro 59 divine vs 59 nos

    A Dano 59 divine popped up locally for sale or trade. I'd never heard of this model, so I looked it up. Turns out these tend to go for almost twice what I would expect to pay for a standard 59 Dano reissue. I've got a trade offer I might make, but can anyone tell me where all that added value...
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    NPD Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe: Is this thing optical?

    Just picked up a Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe plus for about $200 of trade value. After ten minutes of playing, it lives up to the hype. It's hard for me to imagine a better device for capturing that Hendrix tone. My question is this: is the Voodoo Vibe an optical univibe, or something else? I've...
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    What's a good vintage style bridge for a Jazzmaster or Jaguar?

    I just picked up a Vintage Modified squier Jag, and I'm having a great time with it. I'm weighing my options for upgrades. The mastery bridge is great, but I don't want to sink half the value of the guitar into a single upgrade. Also, there is a certain beauty in the flaws of the original, isn't...
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    What was the first guitar designed for rock?

    Just thinking about this today, and I realized I don't know. Famously, Leo Fender designed almost everything with the goal of cleaner tone for country and jazz players. The Les Paul was supposed to be for jazz. The Beatles played Gretsches and Casinos. Almost all of the instruments we consider...
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    School me on cabinets...

    I've got a Princeton Reverb, and an 18w handbuilt mystery clone head (sounds fender-ish) and I'd like a cab that I could use for recording with both. I already have a weber 12" 25w alnico speaker that sounds great. It's currently in a Seismic can that I bought for cheap on CL. I love the...
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    NPD Reverend Drivetrain II (drivetrain vs. drivetrain II?)

    Yesterday I saw a youtube video from Josh Scott and Rhett Shull on underrated drive pedals. One that particularly spoke to me was the Reverend Drivetrain. Impressed as I was, it was clear these things were too rare, and likely too expensive for me to consider. Then today I wander into my local...
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    Mounting rings for Wide Range Humbuckers?

    I recently acquired a pair of the CuNiFe wide range reissues that Fender is making now, and will be routing a standard tele body for them to go in. There is no standard template for a pickguard for the combination of a solid body tele, a standard switchplate, and wide ranges. Fortunately I've...
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    Suggestions on a deluxe style partscaster?

    I got a great deal on a set of Fender CuNiFe wide range reissues locally ($175 for the set) so now I am setting about finding the right guitar or partscaster build to do around it. I've always loved them, but never been able to afford the real deal. Hopefully I can get some guidance, since I'm...
  17. J

    NGD My Grandfather's 1st guitar

    I just got this in the mail from my parents who found it clearing out my grandparents' estate. My grandfather bought it a few years before he was drafted in WWII, but I don't have precise dates on that. Most likely late thirties. There is no information on the headstock, or in the sound hole...
  18. J

    Korean Epiphone casino: Alnico pups, or ceramic?

    Does anyone know if the stock pickups on a peerless era casino are made of alnico or ceramic magnets? I'm trying to decide whether to get them rewound and repotted, or just replace them with something else.
  19. J

    NGD/Epiphone Casino questions

    So this weekend, I picked up this 1994 peerless Casino. I love the fit and finish, the neck, the frets, the resonance from the wood... It's a keeper. But the pickups sound a bit muddy, and are super microphonic. In addition, the three way switch seems to have a short. Par for the course on a...
  20. J

    Tuneomatic bridge suggestions for Epiphone Casino

    I just bought an Epiphone Casino. It's an old 90's model from the Peerless era, and I think I'm in love. That said, there's a ton of buzz coming from the bridge. Is it possible it just needs a setup, or should I be looking into an aftermarket tuneomatic? If so, what would you folks recommend?
  21. J

    A love letter to Bootstrap Pickups

    This isnt a product review, as I haven't actually installed and tested the pickups yet. But I just needed to make a public service announcement about the folks at Bootstrap. I ordered a set of their original recipe tele pickups about a month ago, and it came in the mail maybe a week ago. Then...
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    What strings do you use/why?

    Sorry if this discussion is in the wrong place. I couldn't find a category I thought this really fit. Lately I've been having a few discussions with fellow players about strings. I've spent years chasing tones through guitars, amps, and pedals, but I've never gone on a real tone quest with...
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    Reverb died on my 68 custom PRRI

    So today my Princeton reverb became just a Princeton. Pretty sure my two year old got into my music room and messed with some stuff. He definitely unplugged it. Plugged it back in and the reverb won't turn on at all. The vibrato side of the footswitch still works fine, and I swapped out the...
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    Incoming NPD: Bootstrap tele pickups (original recipe)

    . I was considering a set of Budz pickups, but they run $180 for a set. I'm willing to pay that kind of money for the right set of pups, but fifty dollars seemed worth the risk on the bootstraps. I had, and still have, mixed feelings about this purchase. I REALLY want to build this tele into a...
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    Help needed: nitro over paper?

    I'm working in a DIY paisley telecaster. I've selected a paper pattern that I think will do nicely, but I just want to make sure the nitro finish holds. Is there anything I should spray over the paper before applying nitro to make this work? Thanks