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  1. Mudder

    Quickest, most affordable way to make two T-style partscasters not redundant.

    Turn one into a Kotzen type with rails in the bridge and a multiswitch instead of tone knob. Or two.
  2. Mudder

    69 Thinline build with a twist

    Neat guitar but I think the pickup ring is gross.
  3. Mudder

    If you really cared about your guitar, you’d clock your screws

    I I’m an electrician and lining up screws vertically is the norm. It’s for aesthetics, shedding dust is one of those “I guess” factors. But I do it.
  4. Mudder

    So what's your guitar store riff?

    For open chords - It’s Only Love -Bryan Adams For power chords - Green Manalishi
  5. Mudder

    Bill Lawrence tele model?

    I had a Swampkaster, it was a solid guitar. The pickguard was warping so I got a replacement but the holes didn’t line up, so it’s a “close enough” sort of tele clone.
  6. Mudder

    I found this guitar repair video to be mesmerizing.

    Neat. Another luthier I like watching fix stuff is Ted Woodford.
  7. Mudder

    Favorite Rush Song?

    Subdivisions Limelight Driven
  8. Mudder

    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Randall RG series. Ampeg vh140 Both metal monsters.
  9. Mudder

    Amp taste-tests, vol. ?

    Sounds like good fun. Carr makes a terrific amp.
  10. Mudder

    I can’t decide

    Orange super crush. It has a direct out you can run to a di and use headphones without worrying about a load for the amp. Plus they sound great.
  11. Mudder

    Speaker upgrade for my Supersonic22

    I have heard the supersonics are biased low from the factory. I think it’s the ss anyway…maybe it was the bigger model - 60? Anyway, adjusting the bias up if it’s cold can have a notable effect on warmth, as well as other factors.
  12. Mudder

    What do you think of Traynor amps?

    The ycv series is solid. If that amp listed is the blue version it’s surprisingly good, Mashall-ish tones.
  13. Mudder

    Van Halen (DLR era) vs. Guns N' Roses?

    GnR is still living of Appetite for Destruction. Everything else was gratuitous crap. VH delivered multiple outstanding records, then switched to Sammy and delivered some more. Yes, AfD may be top to bottom better than any single VH record but overall… no contest.
  14. Mudder

    NSD - weber blue dog / silver bell - anyone playing these?

    I have an alnico silver bell in a 1x12 cab. I use it with a 20w marshall, a matchless, and a quilter. It’s comparable to a Celestion alnico gold. Sounds nice with all amps mentioned.
  15. Mudder

    Your Favorite Amp

    Favorite? Peavey Ultra One I turn on first? Matchless DC30
  16. Mudder


    Agree on the overdrive/distortion. Whenever I think Ampeg overdrive I think “ratty” or “loose”. Still great amps, especially if that’s the sound you want.
  17. Mudder

    All your guitars are destroyed ... you have 2000$

    Lighten up Francis.
  18. Mudder

    An invitation to discuss Johnny Marrs recent :How soon is Now.

    Marr is fantastic but just ok as a vocalist. Not terrible, just ok. I’d quickly go see a Smiths reunion sans Morrisey. But Morrisey singing makes the song better.
  19. Mudder

    The Best ___ Player You Ever Saw Live

    Guitarist - Buckethead Bass - Les Claypool Drummer - Neil Peart Keyboard - Stevie Wonder Vocals - McCartney
  20. Mudder

    What's your rig? You get 1 amp, 1 guitar, and 1 pedal.

    Amp - Matchless DC30 Guitar - Rickenbacker 650 Pedal - Rat (assuming we’re gonna ignore tuners)
  21. Mudder

    Need 6v6 amp suggestions

    Carr Mercury V.
  22. Mudder

    So I got a what do I do with this thing?!?

    If you like gain you can do what El Jefe does with his ‘52 (I believe) tele…
  23. Mudder


    One amp I should never have sold was a J-20t. Killer amp, sort of a brownface deluxe vibe.
  24. Mudder

    All your guitars are destroyed ... you have 2000$

    $2000? That’s pretty good money. Either the nicest Les Paul I could get or a Guild Starfire with dearmond pickups.