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    Weird Phone Calls

    I got calls and text messages from investors a couple of times last year, asking if I would consider selling my home on S. Illinois Avenue in Milwaukee. I sold that house 29 years ago! Who is doing the research for these idiots? I haven’t figured out whether I should be impressed that they...
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    Road runner - classic Detroit muscle

    I lived about a mile from that dealership until I was six years old.
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    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    That's a somewhat different story than what you said in your original post.
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    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    It is time for you to learn that what they are doing is the proper way to do it. If everyone would do it, traffic would flow much more smoothly. It's called the "zipper merge." Zipper merge
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    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Where did you get the idea that you are supposed to walk on an escalator?
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    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    I took a driver education class when I was 16. I was taught that when you intend to make a left turn at a light, you are supposed to pull into the middle of the intersection and wait until oncoming traffic clears before starting your turn. Yes, it is possible that the light will turn red...
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    Your parents' cars

    If you lived in London, that is understandable. There are other transportation options. Where we lived, my parents did not have a choice. There was no public transportation other than school buses.
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    Your parents' cars

    We have thread about our grandparents' cars, but I suspect that our parents' cars probably had a greater impact on us when we were young. I know that this is true for me. I came from an automotive family. My grandfather started at Ford Motor Company in Detroit in 1908 as a draftsman and then...
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    Grandparents' cars.

    GM has come a long way back already. I first became aware of it when I bought my first Volt. There is no question about the level of innovation involved, and while they had to cut some corners on that car to keep costs in line, I was impressed by fit and finish and reliability of both Volts...
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    Grandparents' cars.

    This is a rather long story about my grandfather's cars. My grandfather on my father's side started out as a Ford man. In fact, as a child he knew the Ford family and in his teens (1908) he went to work at Ford's Piquette Avenue plant as a draftsman. He then studied to be an engineer, came...
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    Yellowstone revisited.

    It's working out pretty well so far. Let's see how VIAC does over the next few months. If it keeps on going, I might have to take a look at "Yellowstone" again.
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    Anyone actually see Jimi Hendrix play live?

    I saw Hendrix at the Milwaukee Auditorium om May 1, 1970. I remember that it was a great show, but I couldn't tell you much more than that because my long term memory has never been very good, and also because I was under the influence of a mind-altering substance. I recall more about hanging...
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    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    For the last 7 years that we lived in Wisconsin our snow removal strategy was to pay our landscape guy $25 to plow the driveway any time that we got more than two inches of snow. Anything less than two inches was no big deal, and we could choose either to shovel it or let it melt. It usually...
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    Best shaving hack

    Meh. I used it when I got a sample kit from Harry’s. It is no better than Edge gel or the cheaper Equate brand from Walmart. I do still buy Harry’s blades, though.
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    Yellowstone revisited.

    My wife and I got really tired of "Yellowstone" in its first season. Most of the acting was pretty lame, the plot was predictable, and there was far too much violence for my taste. I haven't bothered to look at it since then. I know that my wife checked out a few episodes recently, but she...
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    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    There are dozens of other players out there who can do the job as well as Antonio Brown. Maybe they have not been discovered yet, but they are out there. Let him go, let him get help, and move on without him.
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    James Taylor and Carole King special coming up on CNN

    James and Carole, still backed by one of my favorite bands of all time. It’s a great show.
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    Vintage car fans Revs museum - pics.

    It absolutely is a fantastic museum, and a ”must see” for anyone who is an auto racing enthusiast. When I visited a few years ago, I photographed every one of the cars and posted them to my Facebook page. I still go back and look at those photos occasionally. Seriously, if you love cars and...
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    Got an electric car

    What is your problem with the recycling of chemicals and EV batteries being a "nascent industry" when the electric vehicle industry itself is relatively new? As you yourself said, very few EVs are at the point where they need to have their batteries replaced, and those batteries that have been...
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    NGD Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic

    Sad. Now go out and find a nice Nighthawk.
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    What is the greatest boom town of all time over one decade?

    Here is a chart of the annual growth rate of Shenzhen. The numbers from 1983 to 2000 are astounding.
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    NGD Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic

    I think you’re going to like it. I am constantly amazed at what a bargain my Epiphone Nighthawk is. The quality is shocking at this price point.
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    NGD Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic

    I can see the similarity. Both guitars have six strings. Oh, and the bridge is the same.
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    Share your experience with first time home buying.

    And it was revived by a new member. If he can learn something from it, I don't have a problem with that.
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    Share your experience with first time home buying.

    WOW. As a Realtor with almost 19 years of experience, I must say that there is a serious amount of terrible advice posted in this thread. Carry on.