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    Change my toploader bridge?

    Hola Everyone...I love my 1992 MIM Tele but I'm wondering if there is anything to be gained by going to a three or six saddle through-the-body bridge? I've read about string tension differences re. bending but I'm wondering if there's a possible increase in sustain by going through the body...
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    History of my 1992-93 MIM Telecaster

    Hi Folks. This is my second posting with this question and I know there's some Telemeisters out there that can answer it. I recently purchased a MIM Telecaster, serial no. MN 2116814, which puts it in the 1992-93 era. It is my understanding that this was the first year for MIM Tele's. Question...
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    Hola y Ya eh tey !

    Hi everyone, Starcruiser here. I joined about a week ago but have been visiting/lurking for several months. Just bought a 1992 MIM Tele and am loving it. I have been playing guitar since I was twelve, I'm 56 now and a somewhat better player than I was at twelve. I have played professionally...
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    Origin of my new Tele's PU's

    Well this is my second post so feel free to correct anything I'm doing wrong. Actually I have a question before my it considered bad form to have not posted a picture of my Tele in my very first posting? Have I transgressed? Can I redeem myself? My Forum question is this...I just...
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    1992-93 Tele Questions

    Hey all- I just bought a 1992-93 MIM Telecaster. I really love it but it has some minor neck issues...buzzing from the sixth to ninth fret. Sighting down the neck it looks as if there's a little dip in that region. Can truss rod adjustment help this situation? Also, where were the pickups made...