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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Thanks for your help and advice everyone. So likely Jackson, possibly BC Rich or Kramer. Here’s the paisley fabric I found. When I start the project I’ll be sure to post some pics.
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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Thanks for your replies everyone! So likely Jackson, possibly BC Rich or Kramer. Thanks for your advice
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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    It appears almost flat.
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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Neck bolt hole spacing looks like 2" x 1.5"
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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Thanks! Now that you mention it, it does feel wide and thin. The headstock looks like it's made from multiple pieces.
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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Non telecaster related content I’m afraid although I am thinking of a new quirky build using this, some nice paisley fabric, a Hipshot tremolo bridge that I never used, and some goldfoils. Anyone know what this neck is off? The tuners are Gotohs. No serial no. or other identifying marks that I...
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    Anybody knowledgeable about wood?

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    Build 8: Paisley Tele

    Very interesting to follow this thread. Here is my material ready to go.
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    Build 8: Paisley Tele

    Are you anticipating having to fill near the fabric edges? I mean, to disguise where the fabric ends?
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    Old German Jazzbox: the dead shall rise again

    That is absolutely gorgeous. Is it literally crushed mother of pearl mixed with clear epoxy? Did you buy the crushed MOP? I'm wondering if I could do something similar with crushed abalone shells, available at no cost on local beaches...
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    What do do when you just suck at building?

    That's why Jack Brabham was so great.
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    Double P90 hardtail build

    Here's mine... not finished yet. Currently on around 20 coats of tru-oil. The woods are Australian Red Cedar and Victorian Mountain Ash. It's getting Lollar Staple P90s. That's a Warmoth neck. Flame maple and ebony. JM Melbz Oz
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    take a look at my wood,tell me what you think

    I'd rather not look at your wood, if you don't mind.
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    I did a Tele body using pine from Bunnings 2 or 3 years ago. I bought the 3/4" boards (I think they call it 19mm) and used six of them - three on top of another three - so that the final total thickness was 1.5 inches, which I like. I used Aquadhere, I think. I managed to find a piece with a...
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    Do You Think My Ash Is Too Heavy?

    Here is a body I'm working on with a cedar/Victorian Mountain Ash/cedar sandwich. Mountain Ash is Eucalyptus Regnans, not a true ash, but a very useful wood, used for things like flooring and furniture here in southern Oz, although it can be quite heavy. It's the tallest flowering plant in the...
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    correct process to apply and polish tru-oil to get a High gloss?

    I got a nice, reasonably glossy finish on River Redgum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) by sanding first to around 600, then applying around 20 thin coats using pads made from an old t-shirt. I went over each coat after it had dried with 0000 grade steel wool before applying the next coat. The final...
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    Sugar Pine Build-Questions

    Sugar pine looks a bit like what we call "Baltic pine" here in Oz.
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    Where do you get your reclaimed wood?

    Interesting - what sort of wood are old pianos generally made from? A lot of old pianos around here (Melbourne) are 1920's, 30's , 40's German or local (Australian).
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    Anyone made a jarrah neck?

    Thanks - and I see from that thread that we have already discussed redgum! It's a beautiful wood. Like I said on the other thread, I have an old, seasoned stable piece that I've used already for a body. It's hard and wears tools badly but the end result is just gorgeous. I can see how it would...
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    Anyone made a jarrah neck?

    Just wondering if anyone has made a fingerboard out of redgum? (sorry not relevant to the thread).
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    What Telecasters do you want?

    1) One of those MIJ Paisleys, preferably the blue version 2) A rosewood tele (every time I go into one of those obscenely expensive vintage Scandinavian furniture stores I feel like dropping 1 or 2 grand on an old desk, just so I can cut it up and build my own).
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    Why do we call it a "bolt on"?

    You're not an engineer, are you? I'm an engineer and this bothers me... slightly. I am pedantic, though, and I had to check the definitions. A bolt is used together with a nut to create a bolted joint. A screw makes its own thread or screws into a part that is already threaded, as I understand it.
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    Shellac/grain filler/tru-oil?

    Thanks for your replies! I've just googled AcquaCoat and it is available in Australia - looking forward to trying it out. JM Oz