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    Comment by 'HotTubTeddy' in media '79_Strat_Back'

    4 bolt neck. My 76 has a 3 bolt microtilt.
  2. 1976 Fender Startocaster 01.jpg

    1976 Fender Startocaster 01.jpg

    I bought it new in '76 From House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY. Stock American. I still have the ash tray and whammy bar. Natural finish, black pick guard, and white knobs.
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    Comment by 'HotTubTeddy' in media 'DSC_2680.jpg'

    Sitting on top of a Marshall!
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    Look at those Lockers, and Shiny 6-saddle bridge...

    Keith plays without a low E string, and uses an open tuning. Very unique sound.
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    New to TDPRI

    I live in Western New York. I started playing guitar in 1964. I switched to bass because all my friends could play guitar better than me. I still play guitar as a hobby. I bought a Super Reverb and an American Strat in 1976. Both are in great condition. I bought a Martin D35 in 1978. I still...