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    Roadside find neck (non telecaster)

    Non telecaster related content I’m afraid although I am thinking of a new quirky build using this, some nice paisley fabric, a Hipshot tremolo bridge that I never used, and some goldfoils. Anyone know what this neck is off? The tuners are Gotohs. No serial no. or other identifying marks that I...
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    Shellac/grain filler/tru-oil?

    Hi all, and apologies if this sort of question has been asked and answered a thousand times. I'm building a tele body which is a sandwich of Victorian Ash (Eucalyptus regnans, also known as Tasmanian Oak) (yet neither an ash or an oak) inside two pieces of Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata)...
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    Abbey Stock Finish?

    Hi everyone, Tru-oil is getting hard to find here in Melbourne. The gun stores don't seem to stock it any more, not sure why. One of the gun stores suggested a British product called Abbey Stock Finish - does anyone know this product and is it at all suitable? There's not much information on...
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    Pickguard blank source? (pink pearloid)

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest a good pickguard blank source, specifically someone who has a nice pink pearloid and will ship to Australia? I can't believe it's so hard to find. Thanks, John Melbs
  5. J

    Billy Thorpe - Be Bop A Lula

    Had to post this. Can't think of anyone who sings with more damn conviction than Thorpie. Check the Strauss amps behind him! Built and optimised in Australia for eye-watering volume.
  6. J

    Geometrical tidbit

    This may interest some of you. I noticed this when I built a 1 1/2 inch thick body using 3/4 inch pieces glued together, using a Hipshot hardtail bridge. Because of the baseplate thickness of the bridge I used (0.125 "floor height", as Hipshot call it), I cut the neck pocket 1/10 inch deeper...
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    Tassie Oak/Cedar sandwich

    So I was looking around the workshop for some bits of wood that could add up to 1 1/2 inch thickness and came up with this combination. Tasmanian Oak sandwiched inside some 3/8 inch pieces of cedar that are from the door of an old piece of furniture. "Tasmanian Oak" is not oak at all, but a...
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    Pine body tele

    Hi all, Here are some photos of a guitar I recently finished. Some of you might be interested in the finishing method I used. I probably wouldn't do it again - I didn't realise how difficult it would be to try to finish a pine body like this. No... it doesn't take stain well! Here is...
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    Australian source for small screws

    Do any of the Australian members know of a source for small screws? Bunnings, Masters and Mitre10 all stock brass screws down to 4G x 12 size, which isn't really small enough for things like pickup rings. Is there an alternative to buying online from places like Australian Luthier Supplies...
  10. J

    Wood Identification, please...

    This is a door from an old piece of furniture, probably at least 80 years old. The panel is 1/4 or 3/8 inch thick. I presume this is walnut - what do you think? I'm thinking of using this for a couple of tele caps.
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    Perspex Pickup Covers?

    So, if was to do something crazy like, oh I don't know, attempt to make humbucker pickup covers out of perspex (plexiglass) - would the thickness of the perspex I am using be an issue? What I have is nominally 3mm thick perspex, which I have measured with a vernier caliper to be more like 2.7...
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    Two Australian Tele Interpretations

    Rival companies with their interpretations of the telecaster theme: The Cole Clark Culprit: The Maton MS T-Byrd: (Comes with a Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck position)
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    Hipshot hardtail bridge height issue.

    Hi all, I bought a Hipshot Hardtail bridge for a new tele build. Now I got a good price on this but now realise that I have bought the .125" baseplate thickness version rather than the .175" baseplate thickness version. With the standard tele neck pocket depth the bridge pieces will not be...
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    Brett Garsed playing a telecaster

    Australian fusion maestro playing a gorgeous tele:
  15. J

    Josh Hommes

    Ooh - Josh Hommes here playing a tele with Them Crooked Vultures:
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    Jeweller's saw for pickguard

    Hi all, I recently discovered that a jeweller's saw is a great tool for cutting pickguard material. They're not expensive - the one in the picture is a top quality German saw and cost me around $30 Australian. Blades are $8 or $10 for a pack of a dozen. You might find it has lots of other...
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    Technique for arthritis-ridden left hand

    Hi everyone, I'm in my early 50's and am an enthusiastic amateur guitarist with a desire to learn electric blues styles. Unfortunately I'm also an ex Latin percussionist with arthritis in various finger joints, most probably due to damage from playing congas, bongos and other things, such...
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    Callan Theme

    How many of you have heard the Callan Theme? Beautiful melody and classic 60's spy guitar. JM
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    Best manual technique for modifying pickguard shape.

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has much experience with modifying pickguard shapes by hand (enlarging pickup cutouts, changing the outer profile etc). I don't have access to a router and have done a couple of rather poor jobs with things like files, rasps and dremel tools. Any...
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    Report: Evaluation of Australian Timbers for Use in Musical Instruments. By Andrew Morrow. Written for (or sponsored by?) the The National Educational Trust Of The Australian Forest Products Industries. (Apologies if this has been posted before) Exhaustive (146 page) examination of many Australian native species and...
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    Redgum Telecaster

    Hi all, Here is a pic of the redgum telecaster I am slowly and laboriously building. The body is not chambered yet, and I have just laid some bits on top to see how it will look. The wood is Australian river redgum, a hard, dense wood with hardness and density between those of maple and...
  22. J

    Lee Morgan (Australian tele player)

    I live around the corner from Sydney Road in Melbourne which was closed off yesterday for the Brunswick Music Festival. Anyway - it was a beautiful day yesterday and I wandered up there to check out the music. At one of the stages I was lucky enough to see this bloke play. I'd heard of him but...
  23. J

    Photo of Carlos Santana from 1976 (taken by my sister)

    Photo of Carlos Santana from 1976 (taken by my sister) Taken at an all day and night music festival at Calder Raceway outside Melbourne in 1976. I was there too and had a ball. Other acts included Fleetwood Mac and Kevin Borich. It's faded now, but I have always liked this photo, taken by...
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    some of my songs

    I have been through a rough time the last few months and have found that writing songs has helped me to process stuff. I record them at home on a Zoom H4 portable recorder and put them on this myspace page: There is some dodgy singing and guitar...
  25. J

    Matt Taylor and Chain - I Remember When I Was Young (live)

    Live recording in Melbourne in 1982. This rocks! Lots of tasty tele action from Phil Manning. JM