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  1. michael_o

    NGD - Fender CS Jason Smith Masterbuilt Stratocaster

    My new guitar after a long wait: Jason Smith '59 hardtail Stratocaster in Dirty White Blonde with black anodized guard. Neck: Large C, maple fingerboard, 9.5'' radius Frets: 6105 Hardtail bridge Wiring: blender w/ greasebucket and treble bleed. Pickups: Ancho Poblano HW Body: two piece ash...
  2. michael_o

    New Custom Shop Terry Kath tele

    I agree that the price is extreme, but it's hard to agree with opinions like "money grab" and "harvesting $$$". I mean, it's $20k per piece, for a run of 50 pieces. That's not huge revenue boost for fender :D Making 50 guitars, say one per week, is a year of work for this masterbuilder. Not...
  3. michael_o

    New Custom Shop Terry Kath tele

    Well, to be fair, the goal was to make detail reproduction of a real guitar. So i assume the oryginal guitar looked exactly like this and had all the 'flaws' you mentioned.
  4. michael_o

    Carlos Lopez leaves fender custom shop He has't been masterbuilder for that long, 2-3yrs i think. Wonder if he's going to open his own shop, his builds were usually little out-there and experimental, maybe he want's to do more wild stuff on his own? Also a...
  5. michael_o

    Custom Shop Master Builder Apprentice

    As far as i know the aprentice program in CS has long history, but got formalized bit more quite recentely. Those people assist master builders and learn. I think Ron Thorn is giving some lectures etc. As far as i know, you cant order an aprentice build. However they do get to build few guitars...
  6. michael_o

    New Robben Ford

    I love the album! And everything Robben does. I also recommend his truefire courses, i think he's the only one on that platform that actually teaches whole songs, on advanced level. The rest of tf is just 15-second-licks-you-should know ;) Nothing wrong with that of course. The album cover is...
  7. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Sure, one could do that. What if the aluminium pickguard has a sharp edge (case with my other CS guitar, described in OP as well), should i file and sand it myself? I did. What if the replacement part comes in wrong color and not aged? Should i do it myself too? What if i want to discuss pickups...
  8. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Actually, why there is no contract here? CS seems to hide behind super formal process, they cant do anything. Customers are the worst. The process is this or that. Where's the contract? You can call a dealer, without anything just order.. pay an advance, done! With this many middle men... And of...
  9. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    But people will be people. If you dont like dealig with them then dont. If you want to ban certain type of them, the one changing their mind, put it in the contract: you order you cant change, sign here. And dont do the oposite, dont invite the change.
  10. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Well, it's not exactly like that i think. You dont ask what they like, you say what you need and they tell you how to get it. You say, i'm into hot pickups.. played this and that and liked those parts of each, now how do i get a perfect one? And they should know. Like a comming to a hardware...
  11. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Ha, im the OP. I know! i say what the catalogue says.. see attachement. like i said, without it, it loses the point. thus my complaint ;)
  12. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    So TCI not only got involved into the discussion but also provided me with pics of tele knobs on a white body with black pickguard. He did it himself, during Saturday night. Really hope he wasn't at work.. I got also few clarifications and other things i asked for. Awesome. For one the build is...
  13. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Well, according to ordering catalogue, they build the guitar by hand, by themeselves, with hand selected woods. It's obviousely not true as they have painters (not part of the build? fair enough), aprentices to help and for sure use CNC -- which is smart and only way. And none of this matters...
  14. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Sorry to hear about your case, extending the wait time by 2years sound pretty crazy. I think i would cancel as well in that case. Fender might do batch production, sure, they can have whatever rules inside they want, and they deal with internals as they need to and want to. That being said...
  15. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Wow! Thank you for your response. What you describe is exactly what i had in mind. Im happy it's possible for some :) Not sure how it's a dealer fault (although it is to some extent), my builder was against any changes from the start, not willing to discuss details and asking for a requote for...
  16. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Fair point! I feel i know what i want. I haven't change my mind. I still want that exact guitar, however not all designs can be fit into few bullet-points in the order table or fit selected bunch of parameters. Some stuff has to be described with words, sometimes many. The builder should...
  17. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    I understand all of this very well! I share your opinion mostly, as well. Not sure how it works at your job, but we are talking Fender here, they have laid out some standards for this. I work for a big company, i am disrupted by other people, have deadlines. However i do my work, i go extra...
  18. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    Well said and good point. I understand that bureaucracy is necessary here. It's a huge business and a huge company. I understand that at some point the build should be frozen and set in stone. But where is the advertised part about consultation with the builder? In my experience, you order, you...
  19. michael_o

    real experience of ordering Fender Master Build

    For the record. I love fender guitars. I love CS. I played many, i own some. And i still think they are very good. However, I feel like i need to describe my experience with the process of getting a CS guitar build for you. I saw many people ask about it, i asked about myself. It's hard to find...
  20. michael_o

    Strap lock ball fell off. Grrrrr

    I had the same issue with Fender straplocks! Spend a month trying to remove it, trying each day.. finally it worked! I also was told that 'we never heard of this issue' by customer service!! It's a design issue, and it's obvious. Never again. Now i use D'addario i think. If that one breaks...
  21. michael_o

    String change question

    Theory of elasticity. At the simplest, Hooke' law Elongation is proportional to the force and length of the string.
  22. michael_o

    Pedal Brands... How Many Are There?

    Google :) This page says 'full list'. Not sure how accurate it is, but quick count says 392. So that many at least :)
  23. michael_o

    Add Premium Builder

    Hi, i was looking at 2021 FCS design guide pdf. And there is a new option: Any idea what premium builder is? Is it the same as apprentice build? There is no mention of that in the whole document, that i could find. Also, nitpicking, but the wording 'add premium builder' in combination with...
  24. michael_o

    Actors who are also musicians who can ACTUALLY play and/or sing.

    Lyle Lovett.. but not sure if musican that acts or actor who can play guitar ;)