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    HSS as HH?

    Hi all, I have a partscaster with a JB at the bridge and a couple of vintage output singles. I plan to set up the JB with a series/parallel switch because I'm finding the series JB has way too much output for the amp settings I normally use with my other strats and teles, so I'm hoping...
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    mismatch yellowjacket?

    Hi, This may be a ridiculous idea from the get-go, but I was wondering if I can use one el84-yellowjacket and one 6L6 in a pp amp? I was curious what this might sound like, but I before I try it out I wanted to ask more knowledgeable folks whether this would damage the amp? Could there be...
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    MJW Customs news

    Hi, I got an email from Mark at MJS Customs and he asked me to pass along the news that he's healthy again and taking orders. Great news. Kerry