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  1. sean138

    Partscaster in the flavor of Broadcaster

    Starting a Broadcaster build. Neck is an Allparts u shaped one. Body is from Reverb. Needs a lot of finishing but I like the grain. It’s Ash. .01k cap with a 15k resistor. 250k pots. More to follow.
  2. sean138

    Esquire partscaster part 2.

    Along time ago I put together an Esquire from an Allparts neck and a cheap body from eBay. It was ok, nothing special. I enjoyed it and played it till I started replacing parts on it and it’s a totally different beast now. The hardware from the 1st version is all that remains of it. The body is...
  3. sean138

    First build.

    Hello. This is my attempt at recreating something I don't think I could ever afford. A 1952 Esquire. I chose 1952 so I could mix the screw heads. Some are phillips and most are slotted. I'm going to get slotted for the phillips ones soon. I realize alot of you guys don't like the "relic" finish...
  4. sean138

    Hello from Indiana.

    Hello, I've lurked in the shadows and read many post with a lot of interest. Long time fan of Telecasters. My first electric guitar was a Tele copy by Lotus. Bought it in 1984. After learning about the Esquire I've become obsessed with them. Great forum and glad to be a member. Sean