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  1. redchapterjubilee

    Should I pull the trigger on an early 70s Super reverb?

    I’ve owned a lot of amps. There’s only one I truly regret moving along and it was a 71 Super Reverb.
  2. redchapterjubilee

    Weber 10a125

    I have a pair in a 2x10 and love them. Not flamethrowers but still fairly efficient. Will break up when pushed real hard. Great speakers for Fenders of all sorts.
  3. redchapterjubilee

    NGD: Fender Joe Bonamassa 59 high power tweed twin

    it‘s counter to internet wisdom that a Twin below 2 sounds better than a Princeton on 3. I have to remind myself all the time to just try stuff and see what happens. My favorite low volume amp around here is the Origin 20 ratcheted all the way down to whatever the most attenuated setting is...
  4. redchapterjubilee

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    I love threads like these because truly what someone needs in an amp is pretty much as individualized as the guitar they play or the pedalboard they’ve assembled. And amps sadly get the short end of the stick in the triumvirate of guitar tone, mainly because of the size and weight of amps...
  5. redchapterjubilee

    Louder Speaker for 5E3 tweed deluxe?

    I have a stock 5E3 clone with a 12A125-O in it. My bandmate has a 5E3 he built from a kit and he did whatever the mods are to let it work better with humbuckers. He keeps a 40/40 in his. That amp is easily 3 or 4 dB louder than mine, which was just enough to let it be useful in a loud...
  6. redchapterjubilee

    New Amp Day - I’m not telling, you have to look

    I gots one of those ampoids and in cinnamon too! I use it mostly to test while I’m soldering on guitars or pedals. But it’s a wild card for layering in overdubs. I’ve done that a time or two and it really cuts through a mix.
  7. redchapterjubilee

    Is a Band Master comparable to a Deluxe Reverb?

    I own a 70 BM and have owned or played a variety of other vintage amps (71 Super, 72 BM Reverb + original cabinet, 67 Showman) as well as the 63 VVRI. Bandmaster volume is certainly speaker dependent. If I'm running it through my CRex/Wizard 2x12 that BM is super clean (and's an...
  8. redchapterjubilee

    Lower efficiency speakers

    Dunno about 12’s but Eminence made the 10” Blue Marvels Peavey put in their 90s tweed Classic series and those 10’s eat dB’s admirably. tonally They are very similar to Copperheads. I have a 4x10 loaded with them and that cabinet is noticeably less loud than my 10A125-loaded 2x10. And each...
  9. redchapterjubilee

    Why my Silverface Fender is my favorite amp ever

    The 69 bandmaster I got last year has quickly become my #1 amp. i run it into a 10a125-loaded 2x10 and it just sounds right to me. I got other amps I’ve gigged and recorded with but not anything like this that was so easy to make it sound good.
  10. redchapterjubilee

    Drip-Edge Bassman 50 for Bass?

    The ultralinear Bassman 135 will cut it with a modern cabinet. It has a DI as well, and because they are super clean for guitar they are still really cheap. Two of my friends have been using those for a while.
  11. redchapterjubilee

    What is the most sensitive 12" guitar speaker...

    Seems most my 12's are flamethrower Eminences (Wizard, CRex, Hempdog, TX Heat) and they certainly help my 12-20w amps punch higher than their weight. Especially the Wizard, which not only is loud but has a beneficial frequency curve too. I'm not sure you'd be able to make a uppermid emphasis...
  12. redchapterjubilee

    Help me think this through - Which Marshall Origin combo?

    If I wanted it breaking up then yes. If I wanted it to stay cleanish, no. That's with two 100dB+ 12" speakers too. I did not attempt to work backwards with it though, meaning pull volume for clean rather than building up from clean.
  13. redchapterjubilee

    Help me think this through - Which Marshall Origin combo?

    I have a 20 and I play drums in a band with a guy who has a 50. to get the 20 where I like it (edge of breakup) it wasn’t loud enough for my band. So I use it at home for recording into a RLIR and for noodling into a Texas heat loaded 1x12 on the lowest setting. Still sounds good that low for...
  14. redchapterjubilee

    Comparing older Mesa combos

    I’ve had an F30, F50, and a 5:25 1x10 like the one farther up in the thread. None of these amps stayed around for long. That said, the 5:25 was an excellent amp under mic. I replaced it with a 5E3 build and have never regretted it. The F series amps hiss loudly at idle, but otherwise are...
  15. redchapterjubilee

    I Want a Customized Fender Faceplate

    It seems like there were lots of folks who did them...up until a couple of years ago. I figured one of y'all might know if anyone was still doing them.
  16. redchapterjubilee

    I Want a Customized Fender Faceplate

    Figured I'd ask here, as Google hasn't been much help. I just bought a very beat-up '69 Bandmaster head. Non-reverb. It smells like the tobacco stripping room in my grandparents' old tobacco barn but sounds as clean and quiet as the day it rumbled out of California. I recently bought a...
  17. redchapterjubilee

    Bassman 5F6A Output transformer Help, Please!!

    I have a stock 59 Bassman LTD output transformer if you need it. I had a Mercury Magnetics 2/4/8 ohm transformer put in mine and the stock one is just sitting in my closet.
  18. redchapterjubilee

    Your favourite unpopular Led Zeppelin song

    Out On the Tiles Down By the Seaside For Your Life Tea For One
  19. redchapterjubilee

    Light weight, inexpensive back up head

    The cool thing about having the MV50 in the gig bag is that when you have to "whip it out" it doesn't feel like a compromise. Or at least it doesn't to me.
  20. redchapterjubilee

    The Best Amp You Played... but, Never Owned?

    The heritage mahogany AC30 at Ohm Recording Facility in Austin. Gave me fits how good it sounded strung up in dual mono with my Mark I and led me on a wild goose chase that ultimately ended in tears. No other Vox I've played sounded as good as that amp.
  21. redchapterjubilee

    Let's See Some Of Your Amps

    ^^^ That's my main gigging amp right there. 1999 Mesa Mark I reissue head + G-Tone 4x10 loaded with Peavey Blue Marvels (which are essentially low efficiency 16 ohm Copperheads). Been running this rig since 2012. In those days I ran it full-bore with 6L6's on 100w mode. These days I run it...
  22. redchapterjubilee

    Another one about drummers ....

    I was a drummer before I stepped out front with a guitar. Still a drummer. I'm always playing drums in someone's band as well as fronting my own. I currently own two full kits. I've always owned extra snares and in the past 20 years I've usually had two different shell packs as well, but...
  23. redchapterjubilee

    Running two amps - pros and cons

    The first time I recorded in a "real" studio with my own rig the engineer strung up a second amp in dual mono with my gigging amp to mix together. From there on out I've always recorded this way, even if it's one amp / one amp simulator. I've only rarely been able to gig this way (we refer to...
  24. redchapterjubilee

    ‘59 Bassman is Amazing!!

    Weber Mass 100. 2-16 ohms. It does bring highs down the more you attenuate the volume but it's not awful if you EQ for it. It can take the edge off or ratchet it all the way down to "nearly" silent. Use the lineout and hit your DAW or something else for speaker IR's if you're into that. I...
  25. redchapterjubilee

    Awaiting NGD, Classic Vibe Jazzmaster advice

    The gold one is an outlier for me. I actually prefer the AVRI 62 neck and I would likely trade the AV65 for a different color AVRI if I had the chance. But not before I harvested the pickups. I LOVE those WRHB's. I have toyed with the idea of spending the money for a Spitfire tort guard for it.