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  1. w3stie

    New Mac incoming

    Just ordered a new Mac mini, and hoping it's here for Christmas. My 2015 Macbook Pro has been struggling under the load of some big Logic Pro projects using Native Instruments plugins. I tried everything to increase performance, but it became clear that dual core i3 and 8Mb wasn't enough, so...
  2. w3stie

    Mystic Clocks - mix content

    I realise this piece may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I need another pair of ears, and other perspectives on the mix. It’s called The Mystic Communion of Clocks after the poem of the same name by Diane Ackerman. The bass rumble at 2:25 is the sound of the wind on Mars as recorded by the...
  3. w3stie

    Good mixing book

    I downloaded The EQ and Compression Formula by Nathan Nyquist - only $3.79 aud from Amazon. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to come to grips with basic concepts and techniques in using the two most important tools in mixing : EQ and compression. Table of Contents Introduction...
  4. w3stie

    No more Mac OS upgrades for me

    The latest release of Mac OS X - Mojave - doesn't support my old 2011 iMac. It didn't seem that long ago when it was a bright shiny new thing, and now it's yesterdays tech. I only found this out because I want to do some c++ and found I couldn't install Xcode on the current OS (El Capitan). But...
  5. w3stie

    Your favourite Simpsons quote

    It's been a while since we had one of these so... [Otto walks into the DMV and meets Patty, who holds a green pen in her right hand, and a red pen in the left] Patty: Hello, my name's Patty. I'll be testing you. When you do well, I use the green pen. When you do bad, I use the red pen. Any...
  6. w3stie

    What happened?

    The site has been down for over 12 hours. What happened?
  7. w3stie

    What made you smile today?

    This popped up in my YouTube feed. Worth watching right to the very end :)
  8. w3stie

    Scam or genuine?

    I'm advertising a bass on gumtree and I got this message : Hi Rob, I'm here on holiday from Ireland until Monday and need to learn some bass lines. Would you be interested in hiring me your bass for $50 until then? If not, I could buy it for $100? I'll have no need for it though after Monday...
  9. w3stie

    w3stie's Law

    We've all heard of Soulgeezer's law which states that any Internet forum discussion of Microsoft Windows will immediately be trolled by someone suggesting that M$ Windoze sucks and everyone should switch to Linux. Well I'm making w3stie's law which states that Any thread that starts off with...
  10. w3stie

    Space Week

    It’s Space Week again for all you Astro buffs. It is also one week from the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 7, the first manned flight for the Apollo program. To celebrate, I’m reading Rocket Men by Robert Kusrson, and I may have to watch From the Earth to the Moon again. And Apollo...
  11. w3stie

    Reboot your online self?

    I've got so many accounts and logins around the place, and I've forgotten so many passwords and logins that I'm wondering how bad it could be if I started with a fresh page. The money stuff is important, banking investments etc., but I have no great online persona that I'm cultivating. Has...
  12. w3stie

    Talk like a pirate day

    Avast mateys! It be talk like a pirate day, at least in these parts east of the Spanish main. Arrr.
  13. w3stie

    International Literacy Day

    I think I read somewhere that its international literacy day today (8 September )... so go buy a book :) I just bought this (used) from Abe Books.
  14. w3stie

    Windows on Mac

    I thought I'd share this YouTube video by Daniel about tech. I followed his instructions and it worked perfectly on my 2011 iMac. I know there are a few Mac users here on TDPRI, so thought you might like to try this. I had a need for specific software that is only available for Windows, so I...
  15. w3stie

    NBD Fender Japan Jazz bass

    I just ordered this beauty. Ive had a Japanese Fender before and they're great quality, so Im looking forward to delivery of this one.
  16. w3stie

    Going solar

    We’re a bit late to the party here in sunny Brisbane, but we just got solar panels installed and we are now online and generating power, 3.5 kW as I write. It’s a 6.5 kW system, which should pretty much cover our power needs during the day. It comes with a web enabled data logger so I can check...
  17. w3stie

    Post your good YouTube channels / clips

    As another thread has stated, there's a lot of dross out there, but there's some gold also. Here's a chance to post your favourite YouTube channels or videos ( all within forum rules of course ). I quite enjoy The Londonist
  18. w3stie

    Spinal Tap re-formed?

    No, but Derek Smalls is touring to support his new solo album. In this interview he explains why the band is not re-forming. "This time it seemed to be some air of finality to it, to the unreturned phone calls and such,” he said. It's great to read the insights from one of the true legends...
  19. w3stie


    We haven't had a robot thread for a while ... lots of robot visitors according to the forum stats, but this is a thread to discuss your favourite robot. Daleks? Robbie? C3PO?
  20. w3stie

    MIDI project in Logic Pro (mix content)

    This is a MIDI transcription of a rather obscure piece by Andrew Shiels called The Island of the Monk of Troy. It's actually a classical guitar piece that I wanted to hear using a sampled keyboard instrument from Native Instruments called Una Corda. Una Corda is a single-strung piano, sampled...
  21. w3stie

    Tiangong-1 space station de-orbit

    Where will it land? The 8.6 tonne Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace 1) facility has been tumbling out of control now for more than a year. In September 2016 China’s space agency announced it had lost contact with the station. It’s been buffeted by solar winds and wayward wisps of the Earth’s...
  22. w3stie

    Dream Workshop

    Have a look at this
  23. w3stie

    Abdominal obesity and Alzheimers

    Apologies in advance for the public service announcement (PSA). I read this the other day and it has stuck with me. The section on Alzheimers reads : Based on logistic regression analyses, it was found that obesity was associated with an...
  24. w3stie

    Thinking like a producer

    I thought I'd put this out there for comment. I find myself more and more thinking like a producer when recording and mixing parts, rather than thinking as a guitarist or bassist. For example, I usually play funky bass parts, and if you asked me, I would have said I played simple lines. Now when...
  25. w3stie

    MAMIL - the movie

    Heres a film for all you bike riders. It was released last week.