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    Negotiating with GC or MF or other online Used Guitar/Amp retailers?

    Can anyone share what techniques worked for negotiating a discount off a listed price for a Used Guitar, Used Amp, Used Effect on the major online retailers who sell used stuff? (GC, MF, SW, MB, etc) I've often called these stores and asked for a few dollars off - and its been hit or miss - and...
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    Monoprice Stage Right 15w vs 5w? Anyone ever compare side by side?

    i have a Stageright 15W amp, but I'm intrigued by the 5W (using 6V6GT and one 12AX7), and the the 15W using two EL84 and three 12AX7 - sure the 15W is louder with the 12" speaker. But has anyone ever tested them side by side in a practice space/bedroom? I would think you could drive a 12"...
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    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    My old amp is doomed - and I've been looking around for a while. I play pretty clean Jazz/Rockabilly - but I like the octal pre-amp crunch too. What combo amps could you suggest that go for under $1000 new or $500 used? I'd like to have a 12" speaker, but could go to a 10" if that helps...
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    Jr. Barnyard Clone for less $$$?

    Anyone come across an alternative to the Nocturne Jr. Barnyard old-style Preamp pedal? There's got to be other similar pedals out there that emulate Octal Preamps, but haven't been able to find them. Thanks.
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    Need a SIMPLE 4 track recorder. Suggestions?

    Hi. I would like to get my hands on a simple 4 track recorder to record my music. I have GarageBand - but I really just need a 4 track that I can use as a standaloneunit. Really- I think I just need a tape based 4 track analog cassette recorder - but those seem hard to come by, and immpossible...
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    Guitarists on greatest Christmas songs: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock

    I believe it was Grady Martin on Jingle Bell Rock and Hank Garland on Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree or do I have it flipped around??? Anyone disagree? Also - I believe Grady did the awesome guitar work in Elvis, Devil In Disguise - made infamous by the Disney Film "Lilo and Stitch". I...
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    In praise of an EQ Pedal - now what?

    Upon recommendations of a kind member in another thread, I’ve purchased a MXR Eq pedal and I’m using it with my Monoprice 15 w combo amp. What a huge difference! To be honest - with this combo - I’m on for $350 total, and it sounds better than any amp for twice the price in GC. I cannot...
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    Gibson GA- Clones?

    Anyone know of combo amp makers that clone the Gibson GA-? (Not the GA-5)... I know you can get a GA-5 pretty reasonably, fully built or kit. But I'm talking about the Gibson tube amp with 10" or 12" speaker combo's. I'm presuming they must be very expensive to build - because they're not...
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    Has anyone priced out a GA-5 kit?

    I’m liking the idea of building a GA-5-type amp from a kit. I’m wondering how much it would cost to buy the parts on my own vs. buying as a kit. I used to do these kind of comparisons for my job - so it’s the way I think. I don’t mind the “kit” company making $100-$150 profit - but I’d hope it...
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    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    I have a Mononprice Stageright 15 w tube amp. I really like it for bedroom/practice. I’d like to sell it and get a better Fender-ish tube amp - but After trying out a Fender Blues Jr IV and a Peavey Delta Blues 115 - I just don’t hear an advantage. Can you tell me what I need to do on a tube...
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    Suggestions for Rockabilly - Multi Effect Stomp Box

    I am an intermediate hobbyist, no gigging - I love my Tele and I really like playing Rockabilly. I just find having multiple pedals confusing. There's alway a cable making noise or a power supply causing hum. I'm sure I haven't invested enough in "good" pedals and equipment, however: Can you...
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    Most impactful mods to a Monoprice 15 W amp?

    I have a Monoprice 1/15W Stage Right amp with the stock Celection speaker. I've upgraded the reverb tank, but found little improvement. I've watched a few YT video's on mods to this amp, but none seem to really make a difference. Can anyone make a recommendation to upgrading mod for this amp...
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    Do I Ground Copper Tape Shielding?

    I've ordered some copper tape to shield the cavities of my (humming) Telecaster. Should I ground the shielding? It would make sense to me to solder a wire from the (interconnected) shielding to the grounding wire from the amp socket. Does it make a difference? Thanks.
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    Most Versatile Tube amp (5-20W)?

    I have a Monoprice 611815 Stageright amp. What a great little amp! I feel lucky to have it. For $250 - it was a great bargain. I upgraded the Reverb tank. Not sure it really made much of a difference - and as others have said, the Gain knob is not great. I'm not a great fan of pedals - I...
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    Bill Lawrence 5 way mod on my Tele. It came out great.

    I'd previously posted a query about installing a middle pickup in my Tele to get a "Strat" sound - and one of the folks replying recommended that I instead try the "Bill Lawrence 5 Way Tele circuit". It sounded like a great alternative (no routing, minimal $$$). It took about 2 hours all...
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    Tele pickups in a Strat VS. Strat Pickups in a Tele

    I want the sound of the tele neck and bridge pickup, and I want a Strat middle pickup, with (at least) 5 way switching. So - that leans itself to a Nashville Tele, right? To be perfectly honest - I want one guitar that can sound like Mark Knofler and do country blues like a Tele. Well has...
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    5-15W tube amp for rockabilly hobbyist?

    I have a Monoprice 15w. It’s pretty good, but I’d like to invest in something that will get me that rockabilly sound - after I add my delay pedal. I’m mostly a hobbyist with a Tele. What I really want is a Deluxe Reverb/BassmanPeavey Delta Blues sound in a smAller amp. What small tube amps...
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    Tele S1 Switch Assembly on a Vintera 50's

    I used to have a Baja Tele with the S1 switch - I really liked the tonal change on the neck pickup with the S1 switch. Well - I sold that Tele about a year ago :( And I just bought a Vintera 50's tele - which I'm really liking so far. I'm wondering if anyone out there has thought about...
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    Fender Tele's "upgraded" - for sale

    Maybe it's just me being cynical - but it seems like 90% of the Fender Tele's on the used guitar selling sites have some part or component that has been "Upgraded" - like a non-Fender neck, or swapped out pickup, or different saddles, etc. Whenever I've sold guitars in the past where I've...
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    "Fattest" sounding Fender Tele Neck Pickup??

    Limiting the discussion to Fender, single coil neck pickups: What is the "Fattest" jazzy sounding Fender neck Tele pickup? I keep hearing about the Tex Mex pickups - but wonder if there's a different Fender pickup I could buy and put into the neck pickup for Jazz.... Thanks.
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    What’s the diff between mim and Mia Tele’s?

    I’m confused. If two teles have the same components/parts, and one is MIM, the other MIA, is there a difference ? Is workmanship THAT diff? dumb question. I know. But I have to ask. Thx
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    Most istorically accurate 50’s Tele for $1k ?

    I love the jazzy sound TL gets out of his Tele in this. Of course you can’t touch these relic 50s Teles for under 1000 now - used! And many of them have had parts changed. what current prod - or recent prod Fender Tele gets close to this sound? Also - can you give me a reason to not just...
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    Help Me Choose - SSH Tele???

    I've sold a couple of guitars - and I'm determined to get my ideal Tele - the SSH (H in the Neck). The closest config I've seen to my panecea is the Squier Deluxe Modified Tele (SSH). But I really find the stock colors white or black boring. And the "Squier" name bugs me a bit - since I can...
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    Nashville Tele - What Models?

    The only two Fender "Nashville" Teles I know are the: Deluxe Nashville Tele (MIM) Squier Vintage Modified Tele (SSH) Were there every any other production models of the Nashville Tele config (SSS or SSH)? What were they, and approx. what years? I'm looking to buy a Nashville Tele - so, I'm...
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    Alternative to the Lollar CC ($$$) ????

    I want to drop a Charlie Christian style pickup into the neck of my Tele - the Lollar CC appears to sound like the closest, and it's beautiful. However, it's expensive!!! ($180) Anyone ever use or try or heard an alternative to the Lollar CC for around $75 for the pickup? Any ideas on what I...