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  1. uriah1

    Swampy Music

  2. uriah1

    Going metal

    At the museum exhibit
  3. uriah1

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    Never liked the c12k but the blue 10s were not bad. Dont think they make anymore.
  4. uriah1

    Road runner - classic Detroit muscle

    I had a 68 charger with 318… I hit 135 with that puppy. And I had a great 8 track.
  5. uriah1

    Your Favorite Hybrid Picker....

    I would put Volkoert and Kirchen in the pot
  6. uriah1

    Best Tube Head for Guitar AND Bass

    If you have a strong arm, the Ampeg V4 with KT88s
  7. uriah1

    NGD!!! 50th Birthday Present to Myself

    With an added lil59 rocker no doubt. nice
  8. uriah1

    Road runner - classic Detroit muscle

    Nice value too !
  9. uriah1

    We've got nine of them plus maybe some cassettes or more lps.

    Can't believe Phoenix is 50 years old.
  10. uriah1

    Give Us Songs That Have A Big Dose Of Humor!

    Barnacle bill the sailor. Yes, very juvenille I know. So here is another
  11. uriah1

    Which is the real spring reverb?

    Hmm Long 2 spring Short springs are for losers
  12. uriah1

    I'm an idiot

    I wrenched one too hard and cracked the ceramic at the base.
  13. uriah1

    Looking Cool in my new Chemotherapy Hairdo!

    Wish you well. Patrick Stewart would look same with glasses !
  14. uriah1

    Yet another "use your turn signal, dang nabbit", thread

    I think some folks think its optional.
  15. uriah1

    Anybody Still Use George L Cables?

    Maybe it was George L when they first came up. But sticking in the wire without solder...everytime I kicked or tripped over a cable...they would go caput.. It has been a long time..maybe they are better... I am a soldered type now.
  16. uriah1

    Good cables make a difference.

    I love good cables. Went back to lava coily . I did read where SRV liked radio shack gray cheap cables since it gave him a tad darker edge on notes.
  17. uriah1

    Strat neck questions

    There are billions of terms for strat necks. (soft c, d, hard v shape) I sort of like the old 60s mustangs, thin and flat. Rosewood fingerboard. How do you identify that when looking for your next strat part build?
  18. uriah1

    When should I stop being a nice guy?

    She does sound mentally ill so there is not much you can do except perhaps talk to social worker in your town someday.
  19. uriah1

    Speaker Advice for Gibson GA-20 Prob 30. You may need more on tap later. Imho
  20. uriah1

    Anyone successfully (or Happy) found an affordable/cheap Slope Shoulder (J45) acoustic?

    I was going to add blueridge too. I tried a couple at Elderly a few years back. But, they are another one where you really have to try each, since production runs can be good and not.
  21. uriah1

    What brand pre amp tubes in early 60s fenders

    Ya, rca's and a couple GE.
  22. uriah1

    Thinking about a serious career change

    I retired from IT/audit last year. During this virus thingy I went bonkers since I couldnt do anything I went back part time, couple hours a week, but, ya, I would have liked dealing with people. Think I may try retail and or charity food bank or something when things die down.
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    Try to get a work out in.. exhaustion of the body helps sleep. My wife has loads of anxiety nowadays. If you must take a pill I remember I took a half a bendryl once..and that worked.
  24. uriah1

    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    Saw them in 71 on Halloween night. 3 bucks. Loved the surround sound they did with steps.. I liked them in the spacey days with saucerful of secrets Some others were good too meddle.. Like any band I thought they sold out later in their years and a tad too poppy.
  25. uriah1

    Hello from a vintage catalog collector in Tokyo!!

    wow..I will thanks