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    Dachshund sticker shock

    @FenderGyrl 's hound of choice she has a few of them
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    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    In the yukon we had to have our water drawn from the creek no running water( perma frost was too deep ) but we had electricity , how ever when we got water in our gas line our ( diesel fuel furnace) our house froze instantly to -55 F and the outside temp was -50 , Condenced moisture formed...
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    Home “Studio”

    Love this post , keep it going! I got down to song #4 so far I really like #3 & 4 , going to come back for the rest a little later on, NICE work !
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    Balanced Output

    nice stuff there Rob thanks for posting!
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    My looper is my savior

    given what you used to record and the methodology I definately give this a 10 out of 10
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    My looper is my savior

    its fun when you can get your gear to do cool stuff great tune, nice feel and groove I did hear a bit of frequency clash in the instruments , most likely due to compression to MP3 format . well done , sounds like you had fun!
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    Radial vs axial capacitors

    ripple explained there a ton of you tube vids on the subject, on youtube , most cover the subject in general but the application is the same
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    Radial vs axial capacitors

    the value is the most critical , 50 Uf means 50Uf ( +- %) the hrs rating is for the avaerage usage the higher the better, the leakage current : to under stand this you need to know what a capacitor does , the higher value caps (filter Caps ) 1) to store voltage for disappation this means that...
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    Tsunami alert on West Coast of USA

    for gawd sakes every one be safe!
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    Radial vs axial capacitors

    the 2 amp types i repair the most appearently are Fenders and mesa , with the majority of which are Fenders , with recap issues , I replace them with F&Ts , a 5 year old amp should not require a re cap and so far I have done about 15 of them in all models , I/C's are what fender uses. So...
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    Radial vs axial capacitors

    My only recomendation is to get Good quality Caps for longevity and dependability Nichon , rubycon, Panasonic, F&T, are all great alot of my repairs, I have to replace I/C caps used in fender amps , so I am not fond of them at all , these amps are not that old so it appears to me that the stock...
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    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    I had one guy , I knew him very well booked some studio time with me and after the 4-5 time he'd show up late , by this I mean 2-3 hrs late consistently , I finally lost patience as there was no call no apology nothing . so this last time I pulled off his reel from the 8 track tascam 80-8 and I...
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    Recording an amp with reverb setting

    Larry one thing you may try ( I've had great results ) is to record the guitar parts on to 2 separate tracks 1) dry 2) effected to taste , then on play back blend the 2 tracks off center to each other ( 1 right 1left) then take the dry track and add about 10 ms of delay or a very slight delay ...
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    Recording an amp with reverb setting

    I know Chet atkins used to record dry but would monitor with reverb the whole principal being that you can add reverb after the fact , but you cant take it out if its too much during the recording guitar players have a different scope with reverb than engineers do , a guitar player uses...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    appearently Dick perry was one of Daves close friends, from school and was a fine sax player , he appeared on a lot of shows with PF , I beleive Bob Ezrin or Alan parsons was the one that got them to use the background singers, the girl who sang Great Gig in the sky , came in and was warming up...
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    About Face by David Gilmour

    all of Daves solo efforts have major merrit , he also did some cool collabortions with "the Orb " . I have track he did with Leona Boyd covering a Vangelis tune , Le'enfantes I also liked all of Rick Wrights solo stuff like "Wet Dreams" plus Nick Masons "Fictitious Sports" I dont mind radio Kaos...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    the basic difference in DSOTM (or eclipse as it was originally called) was the creative freedon at Abby Road / EMI with Alan Parsons at the helm and not the "men in white " he was ble to keep the technical experiments alive and give the silences room to breathe, letting the band use their...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    no I figured it out in G , the opening is a run of the G scale in the first position minus the second , then a C to B flat power chord to G , the middle part I can play ( but I dont know the chord names ) the verse goes G to A first position to D to G to C to G to C to G to C to D back to G...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    Ron Geeson was a friend of the band that had a studio and when they were finished at EMI (abby road) the Men in white lab coats would not allow them to take any tracks out of the studio to work on at home so they would go to Ron's studio to work out some of the esoteric things they did. At that...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    I cant remember where i learned some of the songs , I was in a band and one of the guys would bring in some music and we went from there, astronomy Domine , was something I learned years ago and I was facinated by the use of the first position E flat chord and i figured out the rest . same with...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    for me it was from Ummagumma, more, zabriski point , obsured by clouds, wish you were here, DSOTM, Animals ,( was never into the wall or the final cut , I didnt like the whole "my daddy died in the war and I'm angry aspects of it all") I liked delicate sound of thunder , Pulse , and all of the...
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    I havent recorded any but I learned , Time, Breathe, Astronomy Domine, Us & Them, Wish you were here, and a feeble attempt at echoes . The one lesson I learned was the whole of their sound is not dependant on one member it was the sum of all the parts most of their albums were a play off of...
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    DIY Continuity Test Pen: make one yourself

    cool , I like it !
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    I need a versatile acoustic for rock and single string, less for fingerpicking

    any of the Godin line are fine instruments , seagull, simon & patrick , Norman etc and are all worth alook at also a quick look at the local pawn shop might be prudent while you heal hope that is soon
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    linear thinking or thinking outside the orb

    I can identify with that for sure!

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