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  1. Hamstein

    Indiana Jones

    I was hoping for a spin off film - Tom Jones and the temple of doom, in which everyone's favorite welsh baritone has to fight off hordes off evil thugee fanatic sheep, in order to save the golden leek of destiny, all filmed on location in the Brecon Beacons. Tidy! ....but for some reason my...
  2. Hamstein

    dallas rangemaster build

    I made one a while back and like it! After trying a few old transistors I've had sitting about for years I ended up with a AC128 in it.
  3. Hamstein

    Fender Blues Jr advice for beginner

    I got a tweedy blues jr with the jensen speaker for practice purposes so I didn't have to lug my 2X12 lonestar special up several flights of stairs, it's ok! Can be a bit strange in the midrange, try before you buy if possible! I have altered the tone stack and coupling caps in mine, but more...
  4. Hamstein

    Curiously, what to folks here think about guitars like these? (Strandberg Salen Content)

    I'm not so keen on headless guitars, but those look quite cool. I do like the little hats! :)
  5. Hamstein

    Well, time to get out the shovels...

    There was a little snow here this morning!
  6. Hamstein

    Increase TDPRI display font size of

    When Yoda speaks, words the wrong way round he uses! I also am finding it a little hard to read the new stylee, I'm using firefox and have no idea if there's a way to improve things.
  7. Hamstein

    Edible Unicorn!!??

    I would assume it comes from the unicorn's radish, similar to horseradish.
  8. Hamstein

    How old do you think these are?

    I used to know a fella who was a welder on the Derbyshire when it was built!
  9. Hamstein

    My thoughts on building effects

    I still have a few copperless perf boards kicking about, but have used the coppered ones for the last couple of things I've made, holds the components in nicely. I've used a wire wrapping tool to join the circuit up, looks a little ugly but works well once you get the hang of it. I make less...
  10. Hamstein

    Future Creatures

    Yep, very good! :D
  11. Hamstein

    Hang Over Cures ????

    A huge greasy full english breakfast and unlimited amount of tea, preferably from a transport cafe, would be my first choice as a hangover cure ( and for every meal, if I thought I could do it without having a heart attack!) I reckon the cure all properties of Irn Bru have deteriorated since...
  12. Hamstein

    NUBD - used bicycle

    Definately.... Disclaimer - I was younger, fitter, just as stupid as now, but had less broken and rehealed bones when this pic was taken! Wear a helmet! ( although notice I am wearing my knee and shin pads in this one!:D )
  13. Hamstein

    Did Hendrix record guitar parts twice ?

    If I'm not being lazy I'll play and record the same part twice, as identical as I can manage, and pan them 3/4 left and right, I just think it sounds better than using the DAW magickery. I do this with synths too, even though they'll be running off the same midi track that I've recorded, the...
  14. Hamstein

    Happy new year !

    Likewise, and thankyou to all on the forum whose amicable buffoonery has lightened my otherwise dark and miserable existence for the past year!:D ( I was going to say 'kept me sane', but realised it's more 'pandering to my insanity' ) :lol:
  15. Hamstein

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    That is very sensible and I agree with the logic, but it's still somewhat disappointing!:D
  16. Hamstein

    D&D Anyone?

    I never had an interest in such things, I have however been Drunk and Disorderly a few times!:oops:
  17. Hamstein

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Bah! What a wind up! I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for you to try it! :D
  18. Hamstein

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    "Don't make a fuss, just get on the bus!"
  19. Hamstein

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I think I have a winner! Had to have a rummage about - knew I'd still got one of these somewhere!
  20. Hamstein

    Electronic Drums-Advice needed

    +1 for the dm5, I have one too, it's an old piece of kit now but still great as a midi trigger for pads - swap the kick and snare plugs round to play 'blue monday'! Lately I've used it to drive my vermona drum synth via midi, which can be entertaining!
  21. Hamstein

    How about LIVE mugshots?

  22. Hamstein

    Happy 72 Adrian Belew

  23. Hamstein

    Nirvana and Winger: against the narrative

    While I might not be a fan of Nirvana, at least they inspired everybodys hero John Shuttleworth to pen this piece of musical mastery...
  24. Hamstein

    NGD.....Even Stranger Than The Last

    I'm looking at it thinking "Hmm, with a bit of one way mirror plexiglass and some LED's you could put an infinity window into it!" I'll get my coat!:D
  25. Hamstein

    Drawn to the cheapos (geezer rumination)

    Quite a few years back now I was after a small acoustic and after trying all the posh ones in our local music shops, ended up with a samick - it just sounded and felt really good. I am really in the 'try before you buy' camp, often a cheaper model will float yer boat more than a pricey one. A...

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