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  1. dented

    It’s ok to reach out chaps!

    Male mental health. Why do they call it health? The biggest part that we are talking about is unhealthy. Do you really think I have mental health? What happened 27 years ago when my wife left unhealthy? What happened when your son's, daughters, wives and husbands left you alone? Was anyone...
  2. dented

    I think I am fat because I lost weight

    Yeesh, the only thing I my belt.
  3. dented

    It's snowing in Boise.

    Last week we had temps in the low 30s and I grabbed some rock salt at HD for the driveway. (concrete 70 ft uphill to start) Today it is 61, yesterday 74 and it is raining like heck. I would like some snow to look at. Show us some!
  4. dented

    Anyone else completing mind-numbing, mandatory online training?

    At the hospital I retired from we had to do it every year. Hours of online training. You could not hack it or cheat it. Not only was it timed but every page read was registered. On many many pages there were highlights with links to photos and government regs that you had to look at, if you...
  5. dented

    We could all use some good cheer - What's your favorite Christmas song?

    As a widower, this does it for me every year. No worries. It's good.
  6. dented

    Seattle San Francisco NFL Game

    Nope. Just making sure the Chargers win and my season tickets go up.
  7. dented

    Social Security Calculation

    I was one of the counselors at work for new or inquiring employees about where their money goes from their paychecks. We had an escalating deduction from our checks for a pension plan. When I retired the employee contribution was 7.5% of your gross to the plan. But the employer put in 11.5%...
  8. dented

    In Western movies, John Wayne would come into a dusty bar, and order a steak.

    They had ice. Believe it or not. It was a winter trade. It was stored in rock cellars and caves and could last all summer. I wondered that before. I can imagine that bigger towns had bigger cellars. I don't know how ice houses were insulated. Stinky ole' piece of meat hanging out back, nope!
  9. dented

    The scammers FINALLY got me.

    That sucks, sorry. Hope you recover somehow. Problem is, I did a goog search and they come up everywhere. Need to get them off the search engines.
  10. dented

    My first body refinish (bass content)

    Does your wife like her new place?
  11. dented

    Jimi Hendrix's guitar for sale

    If I had the money I would buy it if it was authenticated. He was one of my idols in music when growing up. He shaped my musical preferences and love of guitars.
  12. dented

    christmas wish list-your list

    I see what you did there:p
  13. dented

    christmas wish list-your list

    Yes, to my oldest. Thanks. He was the biggest proponent of me moving back here. He lives about 2 hours away on a nice drive. I love going there, into South Carolina. He has 4 of the grandkids The rest are in Chicago and Illinois. They have already offered to fly me up there first class. But...
  14. dented

    christmas wish list-your list

    To see as many of my family members as possible........
  15. dented

    Non Traditional Practice Places.

    On the back of an International 2 1/2 ton stake rack truck with generator. Took it out to Lucerne Valley and practiced in the desert. It was my buddies Dad's truck. Wintertime on a dry lake bed.
  16. dented

    Hooray for beer buzzed, impulsive guitar purchases!

    Congrats, that Malia is a beauty!
  17. dented

    I took a drill to my Airline H78

    Go Mighty Reds!
  18. dented

    It snowing again on the Big Island

    It's not snowing yet is it? Up to 12 inches may be falling by Sunday.
  19. dented

    A lost son

    I am so sorry. That hurts. RIP Justice.
  20. dented

    Efren Reyes, the best pool player ever?

    Best I ever saw. I grew up with a pool playing Dad who tried to hustle in bars politely. I played tournament pool (bars and pool halls)and even played against Steve Knight in San Diego. I hosted pool tournaments for a buddies bar when I was young. My friends and I have have been watching Efren...
  21. dented

    Busking opinions

    First of all welcome to Magicornet. Thanks for coming to the Telecaster Discussion Page. Others have already said most of the responses I would make. My point is...having a tip bucket is asking for money. But I like buskers and usually enjoy the effort and music no matter what level of...
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    Today. 12 02 21