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  1. joe_cpwe

    1991 gibson les paul studio repair

    I'd been all over that too. Quality, player guitar.
  2. joe_cpwe

    Stage volume, sound techs, and you

    Are you setting your amp up side throw, or facing the crowd? Best way to get the sound tech to leave your amp volume alone is to setup as side throw and have it hitting one of your ears, from the side. You'll hear the rest of the band with the other ear and mostly not need to have your guitar in...
  3. joe_cpwe

    Would you buy a second Tele or a Strat first?

    Four year old picture, these are still my only Fenders. I've added other brand guitars since. I don't feel the need for another Tele as this one does just fine. My next move in the Fender realm would likely be to get a maple neck Eric Johnson model and sell the vintage white Strat.
  4. joe_cpwe

    New bass player fired after 2 rehearsals

    I can't imagine showing up to band rehearsal not knowing how to play the songs. I memorize songs so I work on stuff at home until I've got it. I occasionally have to make notes for a song or two but really don't like having to do that. My only ask of the band/band leader is that they make it...
  5. joe_cpwe

    NAD Musicman content.

    I've owned two Music Man's, HD-130 head & RD-100 1x12, not at the same time. I liked both but moved on to other things. Very good amps. They're heavy and they have very good clean tones. I've read these 50 watt combos are nice and would check one out for sure. This one looks to be in very...
  6. joe_cpwe

    The top 12 states to live in.
  7. joe_cpwe

    The 1st time I went over 100mph was in a...

    By myself in a 1973 Olds Toranado, in 1988 For you kids that don't know what I'm talking about, check out the picture. Mine was that color green w/ a black top too. 455 motor, front wheel drive, unstoppable in WI winters. Floated down the road...
  8. joe_cpwe

    NAD: 2014-ish Deluxe Reverb Reissue, with upgrades...

    Great score, congrats. I suspect that Gold speaker sounds pretty good, that's a pricey upgrade. I'd be figuring out other ways to make the CFO happy and keep it in there.
  9. joe_cpwe

    Open mic jams observations

    I've always played in rock bands...never been the open jam/open mic guy. My cousin has been playing in bands for 45 years and runs an open jam near me so I showed up a couple weeks ago and went back once since. Both times it's mostly been the 'assemble a band method' from the people there...
  10. joe_cpwe

    Looking for cheap Tele, Squier vs. Glarry

    Squire Bullet, Affinity, C Vibe....take your pick
  11. joe_cpwe

    NGD - Baja 60s Telecaster

    Congrats on the Baja 60's Tele. I bought my '16 used in 2018, and I believe that's the last rosewood fretboard year. The neck shape/size, radius, and fret size are great IMO. It's my only tele and I don't feel like I need another one. I put the Gotoh brass compensated saddles on mine this...
  12. joe_cpwe

    Blues Junior IV Tube Suggestions

    You might try old American tubes from RCA or Sylvania Cost similar as new nowadays, I guess, but IMO they sound warmer than JJ and chinese. If you go that route be sure (as you can) that they've been tested well and you are getting from someone that sells a lot of tubes and has good...
  13. joe_cpwe

    Am I crazy to buy this guitar with damage

    45% off isn't enough for me on that. You could probably get 15% off list on a new, undamaged guitar.
  14. joe_cpwe

    Corned Beef?

    We had some really great corned beef at home just last night. Wife bought the brisket on sale...bonus! Probably the best brisket we've ever had at home. Not as much fat as we routinely get, and the flavor was excellent. Cooked in a pot with cabbage and potatoes. I like corned beef and am not...
  15. joe_cpwe

    VHT Special 6 combo (a sickness and a speaker search)

    When I owned my SP6 I was content with the stock speaker. Not having other 10's on hand at the time, and not wanting to throw $$ at a problem I didn't think I had I just went with it. Great little amp but things changed in my stable so I sold it. I ran mine with an EL34 and then an EL84 using...
  16. joe_cpwe

    Best place to purchase rattle can nitro in the US in 2022?

    Last fall I bought a number of aerosol product right direct Mohawk online. It was the best way to get all the items I wanted, right price too. Although I'm ranked as a light-weight amateur in nitro can spraying guitars, the color and clear worked excellent. I used the Tone Finish clear...
  17. joe_cpwe

    breaking in speakers?

    Last time I broke in a speaker I recorded a simple line with my bass into a looper, attached the speaker to one of my solid state amps and let it run at a low-moderate volume for a number of hours over a few days. just loud enough to get the speaker moving a little. results? dunno... I...
  18. joe_cpwe

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    Am playing (Irish) New Years eve and also New Year's day. Both events finish up by 7pm. Have some fun and get home early.
  19. joe_cpwe

    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    I haven't listened to all EJ albums. On the ones I know I like the variety, like going into an acoustic song, because it gives my ears a rest from the rest of his electric style, which is pretty distinct sounding to me. Those 'breaks' probably make it easier to listen to a whole album for me...
  20. joe_cpwe

    My Wife just bought me a $7000 Les Paul!!!

    Congratulations, it's a beauty. Enjoy
  21. joe_cpwe

    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    I use my 30 yr old 57 to mic my amp live all the time. I bring my own, and also stand, and tell the sound guy to just give mic cable. Sounds great. Mic placement is important.
  22. joe_cpwe

    I have never seen Elf

    We watched Elf every Thanksgiving weekend for a handful of years while the kids were home as middle school/high school ages. Funny movie, the end drags a little. Most Will Farrel movies I don't care for.
  23. joe_cpwe

    Am I wrong to be upset? (No guitar content)

    My young adults are generally pretty good, but they occasionally have done things that are disappointing or seem disreputable to me. I was young once, so I know I've done 'wrong' things too. These things also seem to happen less as kids mature. We have five BTW. I want a good relationship with...
  24. joe_cpwe

    Power tubes glow. Pre-amp tubes do not. No sound.

    My Classic 30 had a similar issue last spring. Tech fixed it for $30. Had a bad connection somewhere..resoldered that and a few other minor touches with the iron. Done There's your answer....
  25. joe_cpwe

    Springsteen Sells Masters/Publishing For Half Billion

    Good for Bruce, I'd cash in too I'm mostly ambivalent about him and his music. The variety band I'm in plays Born To Run and 10th Ave Freeze Out and they usually go over pretty well. Of course, we're not playing to a young crowd....