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  1. nrand

    Ibanez Electric Club

    AS200 - Terada Factory Feb 1990 I was tossing between this and an Orville by Gibson ES335 and it came down to money. I was showing the Ibanez later to a local jazz guy, who was selling me the little combo in the photo, and he assured me I got the better guitar. After a couple of days dailing in...
  2. nrand

    Ibanez Electric Club

    She certainly is a lovely person for buying you that - I would say they are both keepers...!
  3. nrand

    NGD MIM Pure Vintage Jazzmaster questions

    "The pots are correct my design. Too bright or dark, maybe a capacitor will help. But don’t change anything until you’ve identified a problem and are certain what you change will fix it." Thank you I originally was having trouble decifering the seller's comments about what was original and what...
  4. nrand

    NGD MIM Pure Vintage Jazzmaster questions

    Thank you. After comparing mine with another one on line I think the only changes from the original are the addition of 'period correct USA witch hat knobs and genuine USA steel rocking bridge with cover'. There are no images of the bridge without the cover so I will wait until it arrives to...
  5. nrand

    NGD MIM Pure Vintage Jazzmaster questions

    Thank you for your input on this. I notice also the trem plate has no locking button - I did find another which appears to be the same.
  6. nrand

    NGD MIM Pure Vintage Jazzmaster questions

    I just purchased this 2019 Jazzmaster (MIM) on eBay Australia , seller quote: "4-way switch (usual 3-way switch plus an extra out of phase humbucking option)", and also according to the seller: "Fender Pure Vintage 65 pickups , upgraded with period correct USA witch hat knobs and genuine USA...
  7. nrand

    Are Ibanez guitars really that good !!!

    I just bought my first Ibanez - a 1990 AS200. This thing reeks of quality and plays like butter - probably the best playing electric I have ever owned. I was looking at the factory specs and was shocked to see the factory string gauge in these was 13-52s. The DV Mark 12 Jazz combo was purchased...
  8. nrand

    The Death of Contractions

    My oldest daughter just gave birth to my second grandson by Cesarean. She skipped the contractions altogther :)
  9. nrand

    Tell me about your low gain overdrive pedals

    There will be lots of solutions to your itch. I use a Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive on my small board. I can take the gain right down to zero and it works as clean boost for my acoustic guitars. Then I can dial in as much I need for my Epiphone Zephyr. Great for classic rock etc.
  10. nrand

    Another symptom of shortages.

    This is why I changed to slip-on loafers last year :) Things are equally as bad here in OZ. Especially with any gear and accessories from the US.
  11. nrand

    When I'm 64

    Happy Birthday! When I approached this 2 years ago, I said to my wife that all I wanted for my birthday was a Kazoo. Then everyone at dinner got to hear my rendition.
  12. nrand

    Biggest money pit on four wheels?

    Years ago I had a 1973 Ford Maverick 302 with metal flake paint job. I still ask myself why?
  13. nrand

    What the F... new thinlines

    I have to wonder why? It was the guitars that made the Fender name and Logo famous - not the other way around.
  14. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    Thank you for your help Roman - I will touch base again when its all done.
  15. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    Here are some photos - the end is fairly well recessed. Were you able to reuse the original pin?
  16. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    They were intending to make 1000 of these but I understand that with production delays causing the release date to be delayed, they missed Hookers birthday deadline and some number less than intended were produced. Mine is number 763. I read somewhere that most Epiphone Special edition models...
  17. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    Roman the I now have the replacement hinge plate, and the Bigsby arrived from New York just yesterday. I contacted the seller of the Bigsby about the removal of the hinge pin and he did not think it is a knockout type. How did you do this swap on yours?
  18. nrand

    Best Bedroom Tele

    I think it was your title that attracted my attention. I was going to say 'One with an attractive member of the opposite - or preferred - gender attached', but I might get in trouble for that. My serious answer would be the same as some others have said, namely the best one you can afford. You...
  19. nrand

    Why WOULD you recommend tube over solid state?

    Form the OP's question: As a teen: I think of the car analogy from the mindset of a teen. Sure Dad's Buick would get us there in reliable comfort but I was offered a choice I would have gone Mustang or Camaro all the way. Coolness is a big priority for this group. As an adult: I personally drive...
  20. nrand

    Independent Channel Amps - 2 Channels for 2 Guitars

    You'll need an amp with two independent inputs as well. Many have "high" and "low" inputs, but they're feeding the same channel and all of the controls affect both inputs simultaneously. Shared tone controls wouldn't be a huge issue, but independent volume controls are almost a must. Maybe a...
  21. nrand

    What was learning guitar like in the 60s and 70s?

    Answer: Dave Brumble - For me the best thing that ever happened was finding an incredible teacher who was passionate about music, teaching, and people. When stationed at Ft Bragg in the 1970s I was really lucky to find him, and he inspired me to want to learn. I am sure some you from NC and...
  22. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    Thank you for clarifying these things Roman, I will pass these details on to the local tech when I get the various parts together. It will be a while before it is finally set up as many parts are not available in Australia.
  23. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    That's a fair point, cheers. A deeper case would be worth considering.
  24. nrand

    NGD Epiphone John Hooker 100th Zephyr

    Thank you for this information Roman. I can tell by the double sided tape holding some of the wiring next to the underneath body surface that these may have been hastily built. Having said that the body seems very sound and all the other bits are interchangeable as you say. When I have this set...
  25. nrand

    Independent Channel Amps - 2 Channels for 2 Guitars

    Thank you for this suggestion. We already have separate pedalboards and I have plenty of mixing gear around. This definitely widens the choices of amps.

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