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    Fender Super Six Reverb

    I got to do a cap job on one in the late 90's when I worked at my first music store and was blown away by the sound with a hollowbody. Just had the right thump and snap to be really fun with a jazzer guitar. I have been looking for one ever since.
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    Tweed Amps: Asbestos Questions

    Sorry, should have mentioned the respirator too. Between that, the safety goggles, and the hood it was hot and miserable work.
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    Where does this wire go? (My Sonic Titan clone is broken)

    It has been so long since I since I put a battery snap in a pedal that I didn't even think about the (-) wire going to the ring lug... Duh, glad you got it sorted.
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    Tweed Amps: Asbestos Questions

    Wow. Yeah, you are FINE. It takes alot of asbestos exposure to get to a harmful level in your lungs. I worked on a job where we had to suit up for asbestos and lead mitigation and the scale of that job could be measured in tons of material being removed. So: a back panel = don't be a...
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    Better to use standby or just turn volume down?

    I just put my TU2 in tuning mode so it mutes the guitar and leave the amp on for the times I am not playing during our service.
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    What is a good amp for Reggae & Rock??

    I played Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae with a reissue '59 Bassman for years. I always found that amp was much sweeter than any 2x12 for that kind of music, it felt tighter and quicker than a good friends JC-120 and the other guitar players Silverface Twin. Now some would argue you need reverb...
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    VOX Wah Swell

    Very Nice! Quite the gift. Probably not 60's with that red Fasel inductor, more like early 70's. You see the Red and White fasels in alot of the ones marked Jen Pescara Italy on the bottom and after Thomas Organ moved Crybaby production to the US. Rarer than other Italian Vox wahs like the...
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    Where does this wire go? (My Sonic Titan clone is broken)

    that's a ground wire, should go to the ground lug on either of the jacks, I'd say on the one nearest the DC jack by the looks of it.
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    Supro Spectator 1614

    Magnetic components has what you are looking for. PT: OT: Other OT options to make it more flexible: <- This is what I have in my Supro 1616t and have been...
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    I was too tired when I reponded last night, I should have addressed your question. The MKII and MKIII actually have quite a few differences. MKIII is more stable, offers a tone control and is overall less chaotic and prone to noise. That being said it also is more "overdrivey" and less wall...
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    I have built a number of Pastyface pedals, you can check out my thread on madbeans forum here: I really like using OC139, OC140, and OC141's as you will in he thread. They are NPN "symmetrical" Germaniums that can be flipped around for...
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    Biggest gig of my life.

    Stick with what you are used to. If you make a change your mind will be trying to adjust to the different gear when it should be focused on the songs. A mic is your best buddy for this situation.
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    Loud hum from old tube amp bought on ebay, advice needed

    ^ Pretty much the ugly truth. For $500 a good buy is a tattered Supro 6424t or 1616T in REAL nice shape. Maybe a Gretsch 6151 or 6152 in good shape, or an okay condition Thunderbolt. What you got is unfortunately not a very good amp. If they will take it back on the fact that it was...
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    Loud hum from old tube amp bought on ebay, advice needed

    First things first, that .05uf cap is a coupling cap, not an electrolytic filter cap. The filter caps are going to be in the silver cap can (probably a mallory) sticking out of the back of the chassis. It looks like two will be in there from the pictures, so those will probably have to be...
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    Allen Amplification Single-Ended Chihuahua ?

    That is the truth, for a kit his prices are super fair especially considering his amps are not straight clones of a Fender amp, but often times are the best variations of different parts of a circuit rolled into one amp. You gotta love how he goes for bias modulating tremolo whenever possible...
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    Why so much speaker swapping?

    I build my own amps and I always like to try as many speakers with a new amp as possible until I find a really great match. At that point I'll start looking for another of the same speaker to go with that amp when it is sold. I have bought (invested in)some different Weber's, the WGS G10C I...
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    Dumb 6v6 question... the plot thickens...

    Extra pin is fine, sometimes they'd use bases with non-connected pins spec'd for a different octal tube as long as it had the pins in the right places for the tube being produced. Inside the amp there is nothing conected to the socket where the extra pin is either, so again it is fine to use.
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    Warehouse G10CS_Weber 10F150

    Again, I also consider the G10C to be well worth checking out especially for the price it isn't much of a gamble. I am in agreement with everything said in the post above, I couldn't be happier with mine either.
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    Converting a combo amp into a cabinet

    Fresno is okay these days. Heat is trailing off, only 95-99 degrees this week. We had a long stretch over 110 this year with bad air in spades that was pretty unbearable in July. Harvest season for stonefruit is all but finished and was ok and most of the raisin grapes have been laid out and...
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    1 X 12" extension cabinet.

    Thats really cool. Looks like an old Supro and a suitcase had a baby... How's it sound?
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    Converting a combo amp into a cabinet

    No, that is not the way a Cliff jack works. When you insert the plug it breaks the connection between the SS amp and the speaker.
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    Converting a combo amp into a cabinet

    Just use a Mono Cliff Jack for the speaker out. I drew up the little diagram below to show the connections. The lugs are shown as sticking out to the sides to make it easy to understand, but they really stick straight down as shown in the photo in the upper left. If you look at the way these...
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    Warehouse G10CS_Weber 10F150

    Weber publishes even less on their speakers, WGS gives most of the important information right on the speaker description page, however they do not show a graph of the frequency curve. Having had many Webers, and this one WGS G10C I can say they are all nice speakers, but the extra money for a...
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    Warehouse G10CS_Weber 10F150

    The WGS G10C is a great speaker. I have had various Webers, and they are really efficient and loud, but I think the G10C has got the 10F150 beat hands down. Power handling is 25 watts more, costs less, has a deeper/tighter bottom end, takes less time to break in and handles pedals better. The...
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    The First Mod YOU Would Do to a Squier Tele..

    Alot of times they throw 500k's in MIA Squire teles.

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