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    If you could only have one amp , what would it be?

    My 1962 Tremolux. (also have a 64' Blackface)
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    Show us your Nash guitars

    Here are 2 of my favorite guitars. Nash T69-TL's. Lightweight. Very resonant. They sound and play great. Put a soft spring in the Bigsby. I love them both.
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    Please help me Fender Japan Telecaster Experts!!

    Hello experts! I bought this new from Ishibashi a few years back. They claimed that there were only 30 made worldwide. I've not seen one for sale since then...ever. Does anyone have an idea what it might be worth considering it's 'rarity'? It's MINT and basically un- played. Thanks.
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    CIJ 'mystery' Telecaster

    Hello everyone. Perhaps someone can help me figure out what this guitar is all about. I have owned many MIJ and CIJ teles but this one is a bit unusual. I purchased it from Japan and it was shipped to me about 10+ years ago. At the time it was represented to be a '62 style special order with USA...
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    Open Pore Cherry finish on Mahogany: Wudtone or alternatives?

    Here are a couple shots of a Tele I put together. Wudtone Cherry Flamenco on a Mahogany body. I have used Wudtone on 1/2 dozen builds. Take your time and the results are quite good.
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    Wudtone Black Magic Woman

    Swapped the pickguard., Just saying.
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    Wudtone Black Magic Woman

    Here it is. Wudtone Surfer Girl on Musikraft ash body.
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    Wudtone Black Magic Woman

    Thanks. It is the Black Magic Woman color. Musikraft Ash body. Wudtone encourages you to use as little or as much of the product as you like and decide for yourself when the color you desire is achieved. I applied 2 good coats of the deep color and then about 3 or 4 base coats followed by 3...
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    Wudtone Black Magic Woman

    Black Magic Glad you like it. That is the Wudtone Black Magic Woman finish on a Musikraft Ash body. If my memory is correct I went over the body a couple times with the deep color. Then several coats of base. Finally a few coats of satin with 'aging'. I think the key is to take your time and...
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    Wudtone Black Magic Woman

    Black Magic Wudtone This was my first experience with Wudtone. A very satisfying process. I simply followed the instructions. Loved it so much I just finished another Telecaster in Surfer Girl. I will post that if anyone is interested. I realise that this thread is old. Cheers!
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    Preferred method to remove waterslide headstock decals?

    Thanks ramseybella! I bought a used Nash and it had a Fender decal applied. I put a rag under some hot water, added a bit of vinegar to the rag and set in on the headstock for about 40'. The painters tape lifted it right off. Perfect. Great forum.
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    Are Nash Guitars consistently great?

    I have been playing for about 45 years. I've had many many guitars from different manufacturers. Fender, Gibson, Parker, Epiphone etc. I have also assembled my own guitars from parts. My go-to guitars are 2 NASH TC 63's (2006 and 2007) with Lollars. Rosewood board. Medium C neck. They are both...
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    Fender Tele Thinline Bass

    Fender Thinline Bass Hello Everyone - Here is a shot of my Fender Thinline Bass. This one is from 2003. It was indeed a legit not-for-export model. The person I bought it from told me it did not sell well in Japan as they are more interested in classic styles and colors. Hence it's short run...

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