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    Boss DD-3 versus DD-8 Time Control

    Press and hold the time knob whilst turning it for bigger time jumps
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    Bender in an MXR-sized Box?

    Magnetic Effects Sola bender. Or, if you want to go even smaller, Lovepedal Bonetender
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    Wampler Belle

    I had the Belle and ODR mini at the same time. Long story short, I still have the ODR mini. The Belle is arguably more adjustable and some may find the ability to reduce the bass beneficial. Personally I found the Belle to be a little thinner sounding and preferred the warmer sounding ODR...
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    Dual Fusion or VS-XO

    I went through a "dual overdrive " quest and owned a Dual Fusion for less than a day. Couldn't get a single tone I liked out of it so flipped it instantly. The Dual OD that ended up on my board is the Strymon Sunset. It's super versatile, sounds and feels great, has a built-in noise gate (which...
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    Multi-Effects Suggestions

    The interface on the HX Effects is in a class of its own - absolutely brilliant and so easy to adjust on the fly. Great range of sounds and sounds good. Line6 customer support has also been exemplary in my experience so HX would be my vote.
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    Tape Delay & Strymon Flint

    On my pedalboard, I run my delay (Empress Echosystem ) right before my tremelo pedal. The term is the last pedal on the board and then cable goes into the front of the amp which provides the reverb. On the basis it sounds right, I'd put the Flint last.
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    Fractal anyone?

    I purchased an AX8 earlier this year and haven't looked back. It is an incredible piece of kit. I also own a couple of decent tube heads (original Orange Rocker 30 and a Mesa Express 5:25+) along with some quality pedals and since getting the AX8, I've hardly switched them on. I run it direct...
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    12" speaker recommendation

    Eminence Wizard. It's what was originally fitted in the Carr Rambler. Very efficient speaker so will certainly give you a volume boost.
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    AMP Shortlist - low noise

    It's a broad range of rock/pop covers covering all sorts from Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Journey, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, in a performing band context. Volume - wise, both the Mesa and Orange are plenty loud enough so 15-30 watts is the range that'll work for me, hence my initial short...
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    AMP Shortlist - low noise

    Yeah, the Rocker is quite special. The Natural channel only has a volume knob and that's it. It is apparently incapable of preamp drive. When you wind it up, it's the power tubes that are breaking up but by the time you get there it's very loud so I very rarely get to do it. The Dirty channel...
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    AMP Shortlist - low noise

    I'm trying to get a shortlist together of amps to try and want something that excels at clean and edge of breakup tones but with a LOW noise floor. My existing 2 amps are heads (Mesa Express 5 25 + and an Orange Rocker 30) I will likely sell both when I find the right amp so am leaning towards a...
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    What's your most versatile overdrive?

    Barber Gain Changer for me. Everything from clean boost to full on dirt. Fantastic pedal
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    Torn between two compressors

    I've been through a few compressors, including a Dyna Comp and the Mooer Yellow (I flipped the latter within 24 hours - absolutely characterless and bland to my ears). For me, an essential control on a compressor is a mix/blend control. As soon as I got a compressor with one of those, I could...
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    Do you like your amp's overdrive better than an overdrive pedal?

    I do now. Up until fairly recently, I always ran my amps clean and used pedals for dirt. That changed with my 2 current amps - an Orange Rocker 30 and a Mesa Express 5:25+ - now I get the dirt from the amp and use boost pedals to push it further if needed. I still have some dirt on my board...
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    What the fuzz is about

    Fuzz is a rabbit hole for sure...I've decided i fall much more into the Fuzz Face camp - I just find them much more dynamic/touch sensitive than the Big Muff family. I've been through a load of fuzz face style pedals and the one that keeps coming out top of the heap is the Mojo Hand Crosstown -...
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    Tremolo Pedal

    My far and away favourite (and the one on my board) is the Suhr Jack Rabbit. Great sounding trem with choice of wave shapes and tap or strum tempo. Also serves double duty as a great clean boost with the depth dialled to zero - I can't speak highly enough of it. I've had a Boss Tr-2 and a...
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    Pedal to play back samples during gigs

    I've done this successfully with a Boss RC3. You can get additional flexibility by connecting an external switch which enables you to switch memory locations with your feet - otherwise you need to select memory locations by hand on the RC3 itself.
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    Fat lead tones

    Buffalo FX Evolution.
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    Just getting into tube amps.. would like some opinions

    So much depends on what you are looking to do and the tones you are looking for. If as you say, 99% of your playing is in the living room, then I would heartily recommend the Yamaha THR10 or THR5 amps. No, they are not valve/tube but they are one of THE best sounding boxes for low volume sounds...
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    What are your favorite "Cleans"?

    I do really like the "Natural" (clean) channel of my Orange Rocker 30. It's about as simple as you can get - it only has a volume control - nothing else. To my ears, it's voiced just right and it highlights the differences between different guitars and pick up selections better than any other...
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    Double reverb pedal?

    A ZOOM MS70CDR with a couple of different presets maybe?
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    Struggling with < $500 amp decision, tube or modelling...

    If it's just for low volume home practise, you might be better off with a solid state/ modelling amp, only because many tube amps need a little volume to sound their best and that "little" volume is usually a bit too loud for the neighbours...I'd echo the recommendation for the Roland Cubes -...
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    Boogie lovers dept.

    Just recently taken delivery of a Mesa Express 5:25+ It's a step up in complexity from my Orange Rocker (such a great amp!) but it seems capable of getting a really wide variety of tones. This is my first Mesa so it's gonna take some time to learn how to dial it in. Does anyone have any...
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    Orange Amplification owner's club

    Proud owner of a Rocker 30 Head. Just a fantastic amp. The Natural (clean) channel only has a volume knob - no tone controls but it doesn't need them - it's voiced perfectly and highlights different guitars and pickup selections better than any other amp I've played. I just love the simplicity...
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    Zoom G3 stompboxes

    Do a firmware update - should be there after that.