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  1. Vonduck

    Does Player Series = MIM Standard?

    Looking at the specs of the new player series, I can’t help but to think that these are the reincarnation of the pre-2012 American standards.
  2. Vonduck

    NGD Beautiful Blonde Baja

    If you don’t mind me asking, which Florida GC did you get that beauty at?
  3. Vonduck

    The most bizarre movie you have ever seen

    I have definitely wanted to check this movie out. My coworkers and I came across it during a particularly slow day. I have it on my flash drive, just haven't had the time to drag out the laptop to watch it. Seems like the kind of flick that is absolutely wonderful in all of it's...
  4. Vonduck

    Bodies & Necks now offered on Fender's Site

    I'm aware of the differences. I guess it's tough to convey a joke over the interwebs without a smiley
  5. Vonduck

    Bodies & Necks now offered on Fender's Site

    Why yes it is would be a genuine, officially licensed Fender T-Style Partscaster. Official "PartsCaster" decals are soon to come I'm sure
  6. Vonduck

    Bodies & Necks now offered on Fender's Site

    My bad for not refreshing my browser before posting :roll:
  7. Vonduck

    Fender now selling necks and bodies

    The bodies and necks for the Standards look decently priced.
  8. Vonduck

    Bodies & Necks now offered on Fender's Site

    Just noticed Chipbutty beat me to it.
  9. Vonduck

    Bodies & Necks now offered on Fender's Site

    Whoa! This is new, I did not notice this earlier this week on their site. New strategy to make more money I suppose but a smart one. Prices seem pretty reasonable. :cool:
  10. Vonduck

    Greetings from South Florida!

    Greetins' Retro.... Welcome to the group, there's a lot of great and knowledgeable people on here. That is a sweet looking guitbox you got there. I also applaud your choice in amps. The BJ is simple and sweet sounding.
  11. Vonduck

    Hello From SW Florida & Questions Re: 1967 Fender Mustang Electronic Guitar

    Hey there Hech... I thought your pics looked familiar: You should probably contact this guy:
  12. Vonduck

    Just for fun.... Photoshop your Telecasters.

    This is some pretty cool photoshopping a co-worker did for me. It's my avatar. It started out as a paining of Irish soldiers. It took some effort to get the actual pictures of the Tele and the amp to come across as part of the painting. The guy has some skills I call it "Choose your weapons...
  13. Vonduck

    Tele upgraded!!!

    That's pretty much the EXACT Tele that I want to put together right there. Great job! I have been wanting to hear those Nocasters in person. The LP jack is a great idea. Looks like it will be much easier to use a 90 degree angled cord. Again, you did an awesome job. Nothing looks better in my...
  14. Vonduck

    Florida -- The Sunshine State Serenaders Club

    Raising my hand from Sarasota County. Live in North Port :roll: and work in Sarasota. We are just about an hour south of Tampa down I-75/2-75.
  15. Vonduck

    New affinity tele.... specs? date?

    I believe the Affinity series are Alder. I have a 2009 production thats Butterscotch Blonde and it is a great playing little guitar. Still got the original pickups and everything i it. Thats a good little guit box you got, Congrats! Where bouts in FL are you?
  16. Vonduck

    American Special Tele, and Eddie's Guitars?

    I also noticed that Best Buy usually has a AS in stock. If you have a BB local with a musical instrument department. It's worth checking out. I own a Hwy 1, they share similar specs to the AS (i.e. MASSIVE frets, similar neck specs, hot pickups, alder body, 3 saddle bridge..etc,etc..) and I...
  17. Vonduck

    If you ***** a Tele player.....does he not bleed?

    Yes...yes he does. And you'll need these to stop the bleeding :lol:
  18. Vonduck

    Let me tell ya what happened......

    Clay bar is your best bet. It's designed to pull the contaminants up from the paint. I used to do automotive detailing professionally and here in Florida we get all kinds of crap imbedded in paint (sap, salt, waterspots and rust fallout from car ports). Clay bar always gets it out. Just be...
  19. Vonduck

    Converting a combo amp into a cabinet

    Would it be strange to assume that you could just run it directly to the input of the other amp? Kinda like a pre-amp...ran directly into the clean channel of your SS combo. That is assuming it's a standard SS combo and not a modeling amp.
  20. Vonduck

    NA(2 me)D - Fender Frontman 212R

    Thanks for the review Chud! I am seriously considering one of these. As an amp to provide a good amount of volume when needed. I was thinking one of these and possibly something like this running in front: along with a delay.
  21. Vonduck

    NA(2 me)D - Fender Frontman 212R

    I dig the Frontman 25R that I have. The cleans are spectacular and if you play with the Gain and Gain Volume settings some really nice warm tones can be achieved. I like it so much that I'm either going to buy a 212R or get another 25R to run in stereo. I don't buy into the "tubes equals...
  22. Vonduck

    Frontman 25R club

    So anybody gigging with these amps? I have one and absolutely love it. I've only used it at the house but it's plenty loud enough for that. I am going to be going with a speaker upgrade pretty soon just to get a little more (non farty) lower end out of it. I have also found the drive channel...
  23. Vonduck

    NGD!!! Stratocaster

    I believe those pickups are the Custom Shop 69s. If that be the case you may have a Classic Player 60s model (Custom Shop Designed). Check the neckplate for an insignia.
  24. Vonduck

    Should it stay or Should it go?

    I could easily give that a shot. But could that be a problem with the Frontman speaker being 8ohm and the amp being 16ohm?
  25. Vonduck

    Should it stay or Should it go?

    The tone tubby is a hemp cone. I've been wondering if that's the problem. I just dont notice any presence when trying to keep it clean. It seems a bit flat I actually prefer the tone from my Frontman 25R to this. The sucker has some balls to it for sure. It can get really loud really...

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