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    New old amp added to the herd - Bassman content

    I snagged a Bassman 70 10-13 years ago or so. Been my main gigging amp most of that time (through a sunn412, or a Musicman 212RH), been rock solid and sounds great. Only mod on mine is, I bypassed the master (replaced the pot with a jumper), and put a mid range control for the guitar channel in...
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    All time best US rock and roll band?

    For a "rock and roll" band, I'd have to say its gotta either be The Dolls, or the Ramones....unless we're counting solo artists, in which Case it's Chuck Berry (there is zero competition imo, Chuck is it....Jerry Lee, and Little Richard are close seconds....but no single artist can beat...
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    The Great Neck Switcheroo of 2021

    That grey esquire, with the dark "cut" marks, and uneven grey amazing looking! Any additional info you can give on how you achieved that incredibly groovy finish?
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    Who is this mystery builder?

    Looks like "Matt Alton" to me....
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    Pickup ID/confirmation help

    That's a Highway 1 Texas Tele. They were part of the original hwy1 series.
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    Source for Single Graph Tech barrel saddle?

    I've got a Hipshot B bender on my parts Tele Thinline (69 style), and want to swap out the e/b saddle for a graph tech saddle. Its on an ash try style bridge, and I'm having trouble finding a single barrel saddle for sale anywhere. (Easy to find single block saddles used on reverb) I'd really...
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    Is my capacitor bloated?

    C32 & its neighbor look fine to me. C20 in the first pic looks like it MAY have slight deformation, but it could also just be the angle. (And most likely IS the angle, and lighting.....or simply a manufacturing deformation) If there's no issues with the amp sonically, and the grill cloth...
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    Storing Loose Speakers - Best Practices?

    Go to the post office. The 12" X 12" flat rate boxes are the perfect size to store speakers in. And the boxes are free.
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    Bridge Assembly for Hipshot B Bender with Drop D Lever and G Palm Lever

    They're Called "Vented Fasteners". You can find them on Amazon in various sizes, or get them directly from McMaster. The problem is, to find one that will fit your current saddles/bridge, have a hole large enough to accommodate your string gauge, AND be made of a material that won't cause...
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    My Band "Black 71" has a New Album up on Spotify - rock/hard-rock/alternative

    Thanks in advance to anyone who listens to it.
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    Hipshot B-Bender with Drop D Lever

    Just bought one on Amazon myself
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    Anyone know who made this old brass bridge?

    Yeah its definitely very very worn haha. It actually looked much worse when I first got it. Totally corroded to the point it was almost black, just filthy. I took it off and replaced it with a normal three saddle bridge. But decided to clean it up and polish it up the other day. And now I'm...
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    Anyone know who made this old brass bridge?

    Oh yours is the 81(ish) black and gold tele bridge, I love the looks of those. Mines not as heavy duty as those, also I'm pretty sure mine isn't gold plated like those. Mine appears to be just raw brass. But no my tele isn't Black, its blonde. But it's a refin, and based on the paint in the...
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    Anyone know who made this old brass bridge?

    This was on a 79 Tele I bought earlier this year, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what exactly it is or when it's from? Who made it? Etc... any ideas? Any help figuring this out would be appreciated, thanks.
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    The [whatever] speaker [does/does not] "color" your tone...

    Generally if someone says a speaker "doesn't color your tone", its normally said about speakers like the EVM12L, which has a fairly flat frequency response (at least much closer to flat than a typical guitar speaker). So its based on the published Frequency response for the speaker (in that...

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